Hundreds of NC teachers turn out for Texas job fair

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Hundreds of North Carolina teachers attended a job fair Saturday in Raleigh, responding to a newspaper ad recruiting N.C. teachers to Texas.

WRAL-TV reported that the job fair was sponsored by the Houston Independent School District. It took place Saturday morning at Raleigh’s Doubletree Brownstone Hotel.

The district, which is one of the biggest school systems in Texas, placed the wanted ad in the Raleigh News & Observer earlier this week. The headline read, “Calling all North Carolina Teachers!”

The ad shows a promised starting salary of $46,805, which is reportedly about $16,000 more per year than what current teachers in North Carolina get paid.

Gov. Pat McCrory has promised in his new budget that teachers will soon earn a starting salary of $35,000.

The cost of living in Houston is higher than the cost of living in Raleigh, but a teacher from Raleigh would earn 25 percent more while teaching in Houston, far exceeding the need of a 5 percent salary increase.

Also included in the ad is an invite to a job fair held by the Houston Independent School District this Saturday at the DoubleTree Raleigh.

“People in North Carolina are very frustrated right now,” said Rodney Ellis, president of the N.C. Association of Educators.

Ellis said last year alone more than 1,000 teachers left large school districts like Wake and Cumberland County for higher paying salaries in other states. Virgina and South Carolina have also lured teachers away for higher salaries.

In a response to the ad posted on Facebook, North Carolina state Representative Graig Meyer (D-District 50) noted the average salary for teachers in North Carolina is $45,737, and the starting salary is much lower.

“North Carolina, we can do better than this,” he wrote.

The Tar Heel State currently ranks 46th in the nation for teacher salaries. Many North Carolina districts have complained that they’re losing teachers to other states that pay more.

WNCN is reporting that the superintendent of Houston Independent Schools, Terry Grier, used to be the Superintendent of Guilford County Schools in Greensboro.

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  • NobodyAtAll

    If given the opportunity people, take it…There is no future in NC as it is still locked and living in 1990…NC, where $10 an hour is still considered extravagant…What a joke…

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    You can thank your fellow Democrats for this huge mistake that was made back in 2009 when the Democrats had the majority in the General Assembly & the Governorship, that’s when the Democrats in all of their wisdom QUIT giving Teachers & State Employees Raises & continued through the Election of November s2012 when the GOP won the majority in the General Assembly & a Republican Governor & I must say the Republicans are NOT doing any better then the Democrats did in the Area of Fiscal Responsibility which includes Teacher Pay Raises, Leaving the Tenure alone & should also give State Employees raises as well & NOT a 2% one but at least up to 5% or more to make up for all those years without a raise. I’m a fiscal Conservative & usually vote GOP but if they don’t get their act together I will probably just go Independent moving forward & vote for whomever I think will do the best job for Teachers as other voters will do the same I’m sure & rightfully so!!!

  • jliles1205

    Not sure what the ” $10 an hour is still considered extravagant” statement has to do with this article.. According to Sperling’s Index, the cost of living in Houston and Greensboro is similar. I wouldn’t be able to deal with the heat/humidity double punch in Houston though.
    Houstonians seem to be stuck in an 1836 mentality.

  • FaithC

    NC will lose some its best teachers for sure. We will be left with the dregs that nobody else wants. Private school and home school are the best answers until NC can get it together and realize that education is one of the most important things for our young people.

  • Troy

    Average salary 45k? My wife has been teaching 11 years and made 39k last year. I think I smell some books cooking.

    • Dee

      $45,000 average???? My husband had been an Educator in NC for 18 years…has 2 Masters Degrees and is currently an Assistant Principal and barely makes 49,000. I guess the average is $45,000 if you’ve worked as a teacher in NC foe 45 years. NC teachers need to move out…Go to Texas…No State Tax! You’ll be better off and much more appreciated!

  • fools gold

    There are other schools district that are adjacent to Houston Independent School District (HISD) that are paying students $50,000 to a first year teacher. Please look before you leap. Do your homework. If you know Terry Grier from his troubled days working for Guilford County Schools, you better look before you leap!!

  • Michigander moved home

    Its asinine that beginning teachers won’t get a pay raise until they have taught for 5 years! When they do get a raise, it’s $42/month. That is the #1 reason why I got OUT of North Carolina and moved BACK to Michigan. The education system in Michigan is as volatile as any state but it is night/day to opportunities for pay increases. 5 years and a masters in Michigan can get a teacher in the mid 40’s.

  • Embarrassed NC Resident

    No offense, but 5 years and a masters just to get to the mid 40s? That’s really quite sad compared to what a masters will get you in other fields with just an undergrad degree. Teachers are incredibly underpaid in the US. How many decades will you be paying off your student loans?

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