Yadkin Co. deputies arrest teen after stolen truck gets stuck

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Jose Armando Pineda, 16, of Yadkinville

YADKIN COUNTY, N.C. — Yadkin County deputies arrested a teenager after officials said he got stuck in a stolen truck on the side of the road.

Jose Armando Pineda, 16, of Yadkinville, is accused of stealing a Ford F-150 out of Surry County on Thursday.

Deputies arrested the suspect on Friday after responding to a suspicious truck stuck on the shoulder of a farm road in Yadkinville.

The suspect told deputies he parked the truck to see a girlfriend who lived nearby. After checking the vehicle, deputies said the truck had been stolen the night before.

The suspect was arrested and charged with one count of felony possession of stolen property.

Officials said he was also arrested on a Surry County warrant for one count of felony breaking or enering a motor vehicle, one count of felony larceny and one count driving without an operator’s license.

The suspect was placed in the Yadkin County Jail under $10,000 secured bond.


  • FaithC

    He is just 16 and he is wanted on 3 charges, there is warrant out for his arrest and he was caught in a stolen truck. I guess where his family comes from it is OK to steal what you want instead of working for it. I will assume that is what they taught him.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Another Day another Illegal Criminal Caught Stealing a Truck, Driving with no Drivers license & probably got other arrest Warrants outstanding as well, just another Thug that crossed the Mexican Border probably with about 50 other family members that are just as much a Criminal as he is, so as I’m said before, get ready & keep your guns close at hand because you will have to use them sooner then later to protect Family & Possessions….

    • Alex

      You know, I had three white friends who did the same exact thing. Please tell me how race makes a difference in this?

    • Alex

      You’re just one sorry racist person. Nothing makes you better than anyone else. You’re ignorant and your opinion is irrelevant.

    • Carmen

      Aha. Ain’t ain’t you a piece of shit. He didn’t do anything to harm any family or your family members. People like you make me laugh. Just because he is Mexican don’t mean he crossed the boarder. Ignorant people like you is the kind that makes everybody laugh obviously you need more education to know your facts, honey.

    • Kayla

      Not every “Hispanic” is illegal just letting you know. You might want to go back to school and educate yourself with the history you obviously never learned. I’ve heard about every other race doing the same thing, so take your racism elsewhere!

  • FaithC

    He is only 16 and he has a warrant out for his arrest with 3 charges and then he is caught with a truck he stole. I guess this is what his parents taught him to do. If you want it, take it. As far as he is concerned laws are not for him.

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