Thom Tillis, Kay Hagan prepare for debates

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Sen. Kay Hagan and U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis.

Hagan sent a letter to her Republican challenger Thursday formally asking for a debate, and the Tillis campaign responded by calling for at least 10 debates across the state.

In her letter to Tillis, Hagan said she’d accepted a debate offer from the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters, and she urged Tillis to agree to it.

The Tillis campaign said they have been in touch with the NCAB about participating in their debates.


  • Triple

    After being a Conservative for over 50 years,
    I believe I will now become a Libertarian…
    I voted for Kay Hagan, just to get rid of Elizabeth Dole.
    Just like Richard Burr, Mrs. Dole stayed MIA until election time neared…
    Now with Ms. Hagan’s supporting, and may I add, Blindly supporting ACA,
    I find myself thinking there is no difference in Republican or Democrat anymore.
    Republicans will pollute your water and air,
    while, Democrats will charge you for water and air.
    Yep, I’ll be voting Libertarian.

  • Stephen

    I hope he tears her a new one. Please demonstrate Kay Hagan’s incompetence, and her morally bankrupt character!

  • Brandon

    Personally, I am a little conflicted about this race. I have been a Republican for upwards of 30 years. I have stood with my party through everything from humiliations to the glorious Reagan years. But I am appalled by the policies of obstruction utilized by the current Senate and House Republicans. Personally, I am a little ashamed of MY party that has traditional protected my rights and liberty, yet is now so bent of blocking anything and everything. Senator Hagan, though with her faults, has traditional stood firm for the best interests of our state. I worry that just adding another obstructionist will serve to the detriment of this country. As a result, this longtime Reagan Republican will be voting for a southern democrat (the good kind of democrat).

  • Stan Darsh

    I just want a candidate with a fully or at least partially upright human spine. I think Mr. Tillis is the closest we are going to get.

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