Emergency funds available for GCS employees not paid Friday

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The Guilford County School System is investigating a glitch in its payroll system that resulted in employees not getting paid on Friday.

GCS now has a process in place to help those employees who have true emergency needs affecting health, safety and other issues and require access to funds this weekend.

Employees who need access to their paycheck immediately should send a request to paycheck@gcsnc.com. Requests will be processed in the order they are received. These paychecks will be available for pick-up between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. tomorrow at the GCS main offices, 712 N. Eugene St. in Greensboro. Walk-ins will require at least an hour to process.

The school system said it learned this morning that a problem occurred during its $21.7 million payroll transfer to Bank of America.

Bank of America told FOX8, "The payment file was submitted on time but not to the usual location and thus never processed. We're working with the school system and other financial institutions to resolve this issue as quickly as possible."

"All of our employees deserve to get paid. They work hard. They deserve their paychecks. They deserve to have the money in their accounts when they expect it to be there. We take this very seriously, and we're working very hard to try to resolve this as soon as we can," said Director of Communications Cynthia Shah-Khan. She and other district staff members were also missing their paychecks this morning.

GCS employees whose paychecks are deposited directly into their accounts at Bank of America or the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) already have access to their funds. Bank of America handles approximately 1,182 paychecks and $2.2 million of GCS' $21.7 million payroll. SECU handles more than 5,600 paychecks and $11 million of GCS' payroll.

The district anticipates that some other larger banks might make funds available Saturday; others may not be able to make the funds available to GCS employees until Monday.

"The majority of GCS employees are paid by direct-deposit at the end of every month, and as of this morning, the funds were not deposited in their accounts," the school system said in a news release. "GCS learned of the problem when employees began calling district offices early this morning."

"We are deeply concerned about our employees and recognize that this is a serious issue that must be resolved promptly," said Superintendent Maurice "Mo" Green. "They count on having the money they've earned on payday, and we are working to find the best – and fastest – solution."

The school system is working with Bank of America to resolve the problem. GCS is also exploring options available through other banking partners.

"As you know may know, there was an issue with payroll today. Employees who were expecting a direct deposit this morning did not receive funds," the school system said in an email sent to employees.

"We are aware there was an issue with today's payroll. We are working closely with Bank of America to determine the fastest resolution," the school tweeted on Friday.

Employees FOX8 talked to throughout the day Friday expressed frustration. Some had gotten money in their accounts by Friday afternoon. One worker said she has been employed by GCS for decades and has never seen a payroll problem of this scale.


  • Mark Stabler

    The School System should have a system in place to confirm with the bank that payroll data sent to them has been received. It also seems that a banking partner that handles a 20 plus million dollar transaction on the last working day of each month would have in place a system that alerted them that data had not been received in a timely manner to be processed. While there is fault on both ends, the primary fault should be laid at the lap of the School System. No excuse for not confirming that data is transmitted and received. No excuse that employees are not paid on their due date. What does a few days mean? A lot. Many employees have automatic withdrawals geared to their regular pay days and when funds are not deposited, payments can not be made. They will incur late fees and hits to their credit ratings. I know, it’s the computer’s fault. Might be the fault of the person that suppose to push the enter button on the computer.

    • Johnny B Good

      This does not suprise me at all. Bank of America has repeatedly “lost” the payment files we submit electronically. There are at least 2 phases to the process. The first phase is the transfer and receipt of the file from client to bank (which generates an acnowledgement). This first phase usually happens without issue. The second phase is internal within BofA. They transfer the file from the department that is receiving the file to the department that is suppose to read the file and process the contents. That’s where files mysteriously get lost by these incompetent bamboons at BofA.

  • David

    I worked all month and I want and need my money! I have ten payments coming out on the first, that’s 350 in late fees. Screw GCS and BOC.

  • Stephen

    Teachers are absolutely the most greedy people ever. Excuse me, but the end of the month is tomorrow, not today. Shut up already! Unreal….

    • Kathy

      To that low life above complaining about teachers complaining about our pay…..would YOU know complain is your check did not arrive on time? How about if your check were the ONLY income for your household!? As is mine! Whatever YOUR profession is, thank SEVERAL TEACHERS for getting you there! Support us instead of stabbing us in the backs!!!!

      • Stephen

        Speaking of low life, you are a self admitted teacher. That is about as low as you can get, and therefore why you are in desperate need for your check. Just so you know, I am retired, and working another full time job. I get 3 paychecks every month. So next time you call someone a lowlife, you may want to consider who you are talking to. Furthermore, your contract says that you get paid at the END of the month, which is tomorrow, not today. SO, it is NOT late. It would’ve been early had it been sent today. Just like a teacher. You think you are so special and privileged. The majority of you are pathetic!

    • roberto'

      Stephen, you sound very bitter, jealous and angry, most likely you are living off of the taxes these working folks pay :(

      • Stephen

        Roberto, just so you are aware of how ignorant your comment is, I am retired from one career and work a second full time job. I get 3 paychecks every month. I get sick of teachers whining and complaining, when they are the only people getting raises. What makes them so special? Please explain to me how their contract says that they are to be paid at the end of the month, and they are whining before the end of the month, because they haven’t been paid……absolutely pathetic!

    • davecortes

      Ah…I see. You’re one of those people who work harder than everyone else…yawn. People who call other people complainers are really just chronic “other people” complainers. BTW, you DO know there are male teachers out there, too, right?

  • Krystal Luce

    Stephen- Teachers are the greediest people ever? That is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard. Period.

    • Stephen

      You cry babies are complaining because you didn’t get your check early. Tomorrow is the end of the month, NOT TODAY. Teachers will gripe and complain, even when they are getting raises and no one else is. YES, teachers are the most greedy and whiny group of people I have ever known.

      • The dork

        Stephen is likely a high school drop-out. Hey Stephen get back to that window someone wants to order some cheese fries.

      • Stan Darsh

        He will have to put down his 15/h protest sign first. AKA The I want to be replaced by a robot sign.

      • Johnny B Good

        Stephen, If you had any common sense you’d know that the in the world of banking the end of the month is the last non-weekend, non-holiday day in the month.

      • roberto'

        Stephen, the teachers have not gotten a raise in over 6 years, while the school administrators continue to get raises every year, and the administrators do not teach the kids, their jobs are to help other administrators do their jobs. Also, the contract states last business day of the month…so who is ignorant about the facts now?

      • Praying for you!

        Stephen I am seriously going to pray for you in regards to the ignorant comments you posted today. Please do your research before you post anything else. As someone previously stated… We are to be paid on the last business day of each month which is today NOT the last day of the month. And ad far as you being retired and now working a second job; do you punch a time clock? Teachers DO NOT. Time clock personnel get paid for overtime, etc. whereas we work anywhere from 40-60 hours a week, we work at home, we work at school and yes we also work during our summer vacations! I am a single mother of 3 and need my expected money to pay rent, buy food and pay other bills that are automatically drafted. So you, Stephen please do not lower yourself to such negative statements because after all how were you able to retire from your job and have another one WITHOUT the TEACHER that EDUCATED YOU!

  • Lisa

    Error also applies to Central Office staff, Maintenance staff, Cafeteria workers, bus drivers, custodial, etc. Error of this magnitude effects more than just teachers within GCS.

  • news2me

    Oh My…
    1. Ipads…went bazookas…spent money…ipads no good..kids lost lessons.. teachers lost days of instruction
    2. NC’s Power School calculated the GPA’s incorrectly causing thousands of children’s futures to be jeopardized as the colleges received the bogus GPA’s
    3. Teachers who live …for the most part..from month to month are not paid on time…giving Bank of America access to all of the interest earned while the money is still in their pockets..
    4. Common Core Curriculum is thron on the wall to see what sticks..no books..chaos…new math that goes around your elbow to get to your thumb…What a friggin mess…not only in Guilford but the entire State
    5. Test-Test-Test-Test the kids……that is what teachers do.these days……now they will not even get paid for the Testing

    • news2me

      thrown on the wall and anymore you find…you can correct if you even read it….

  • Shanna

    Stephen – our contract states that we are paid on the LAST BUSINESS DAY OF THE MONTH which is today. Tomorrow, the 31st, is the last day and also a Saturday.

  • Shanna

    Stephen – our contracts state that we are paid on the LAST BUSINESS DAY of the month. Tomorrow is the 31st however it is a Saturday. Therefore payday for GCS would be today (Friday, May 30).

    • Stephen

      So what. One day later. Should be no big deal. If you are that broke, maybe you should pick up another job or change careers, like most people do.

  • Johnny B Good

    I laughed when I saw that Bank of America was involved in this fiasco. The company I work for uses them to pay employees and vendors and indeed they are constantly “losing” our electronic submissions. They are completely incompetent in managing a simple process. Each time they lose our files (on a monthly basis) I have to jump through hoops to get them to resolve the issue. And each time they come up with a new excuse as to why it was lost. I hope this story goes national. Bank of America is a pathetic partner for business banking!!


    Isn’t it ironic that BOA customers received their deposits and State Employee Credit Union received their deposits, but no one else did and we can’t even get anyone to answer the phone or return an email.

  • SINNER #

    Somebody at BOA needs a good sound paddling !! What ? No paddling ? No wonder the school house has problems !!

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