Dog pooping on US Airways flight forces unscheduled landing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) — A service dog had to go. And go again. And by the time the dog was done relieving himself, the noxious smell forced a passenger jet to make an unscheduled stop at Kansas City International Airport for a cleanup on aisle one.

The U.S. Airways flight had been delayed for about two hours in Los Angeles. When the plane finally pushed back and took off for Philadelphia, the passengers settled in for what they hoped would be a routine flight.

Instead, some passengers woke from a sound sleep to a horrible smell.

“About an hour into the flight, I started smelling this terrible smell. I look up the aisleway and there’s a dog pooping right in the middle of the aisle. It’s a big dog, 3′ to 4′ tall or long, and he was just going,” passenger Steve McCall told Inside Edition, which airs at 6:30 p.m. on KCTV5.

Passengers took to Twitter to share the well, crappy details.

Passenger Chris Law took pictures and tweeted: “So the full-sized dog that’s on my flight, well it did what dogs do & went to the bathroom when it felt like it smack dab in the middle of aisle.”

The crew did their best to clean up the mess. An hour later, the smells lingered in the cabin. And the dog had to go again.

“An hour later, it still smelled bad, and after they cleaned it all up, it pooped again!” McCall told Inside Edition.

That pushed some passengers over the edge.

“A couple of people started dry-heaving, a couple of people were throwing up,” McCall said.

Another passenger tweeted: “Can’t make this up. The dog has now (blanked) twice.”

The crew again frantically tried to clean up the dog’s mess, but ran out of paper towels.

The pilot decided to divert to Kansas City International Airport for an *ahem* pit stop for ground crews to clean up and for the doggie to take a more routine potty break.

The dog’s owner was truly remorseful, passengers said.

McCall said, “She said, ‘Hey, so sorry, I want to get all your addresses so I can give you a Starbucks gift card.'”

KCI spokesman Joe McBride told KCTV5 that the May 28 flight was not an emergency landing.

The plane eventually made its way to Philly.

“This is the most unique flight experience I’ve ever had!” McCall said.


  • Diane Purcell

    Seriously? This is news? It’s an ANIMAL. A service animal. Trust me, I’ve been seated near small children and babies that caused more stress than a dang service animal! Get over it!

    • Iama Retiree

      Not being very smart, Diane Purcell, by signing on to a public blog using your FaceBook acct. — Peope really do not use good sense about F/B – Put your life history out there and pictures to boot and are the first ones to whine when something goes wrong — FaceBook will get you every time !

  • Bo Diddley

    If you aren’t blind or deaf you don’t need a dog with you on the plane. There’s plenty of space in the luggage compartment. Enough with these narcissists and their service animals!!!

  • That Stinks !!

    Dog doing what dogs do !! You should know better than to feed the animal a big meal before a flight !!

  • Teacher Preacher

    Evidently she needed the service dog or she legally could’nt board without proper documentation. Some people are so stupid and uncaring!!! The poor dog was probabley nervous on the flight and so what he had to shit like every living thing!!!

  • Bonnie Hill

    Dogs are animals not humans and people should start acting like they are animals , they sleep in their beds, eat from their kitchen tables, take baths in their tubs, .kill little chidren The expression ( America has gone to the dogs ) has never been more true. Now I’ll never live this down , because some people love their dogs more than their children .
    Anmals should be kept in their places

  • pattym

    Bonnie maybe you should be treated like a dog!! You sound a little jealous there. I prefer the company of a cat/dog over most so called “humans” any day and you are an example of why, people are jealous, greedy,cold hearted and cruel, they only think of themselves!

  • kat569

    What is with you idiots who don’t think the dog had the right to be on that plane? It’s called the Americans With Disabilities Act and gives anybody with a valid NEED for a service dog the LEGAL right to bring said dog ANYWHERE. Don’t like it? Too bad. Until you have needed a service dog for epilepsy, allergies, PTSD, or another verifiable disability, shut your yaps because you are only making yourselves look like ignorant fools.

  • Bo Diddley

    You can buy Service Dog certificates all day on the internet. These dogs are mostly just attention getters for folks with self-esteem issues..

  • NL54

    Do an Ebay search for “service do patches” and watch as 22,000 results come back. Advocacy groups have already asked the Department of Justice to issue penalties to people using dogs with online certifications that aren’t legit. Who knows if this dog was really a service dog, but service dogs with the mandatory 2 years of training rarely just take a random dump.

  • lisa

    I see why you carry the name “Bo Diddley”! I am not sure where you got your resources at about service animals but requirements to qualify as a Service Dog Team are:
    •Owner must have a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    •The animal must provide individually trained assistance to a person with a disability. According to the ADA, the animal helps the person with the disability with a task or function that
    the owner is not able to do because of the disability. There is a significant amount of paperwork required to qualify an animal. It is not like ordering your high school diploma off the internet!

  • Bo Diddley

    So “Emotional Distress” is a disability? And it requires a dog? That’s a common reason folks give me when I inquire about their animal. C’mon, we are all for crippled people getting the assistance they need, but nobody checks the certification papers closely because they are afraid if getting accused of discrimination.

  • Elaine

    People are so ignorant. I am blind and have a guide dog. People think service dogs are machines who are perfect angels at all times and never ever make a mistake. Haven’t you ever had to use the bathroom on an airplane, or at least in the airport before take off or immediately when you land? Dogs do too! If the flight was delayed, the dog probably continued to hold it and just couldn’t anymore. At most airports, you have to leave securtiy just to take your dog out to potty, then you have to go back through all over again. In addition, if this person needed assistance getting out to a grassy area or a potty area inside the airport, they may have not be able to get there because a lack of assistance available (been there, done that). Flying can be quite stressful for dogs. Thankfully, my guide dog handles it just fine, but some dogs don’t. Just like some people don’t! The over reaction from this article is ridiculous. It’s a dog and like humans, dogs have to poop sometimes. I’m sure he or she didn’t their very best to hold it. The fact that he went multiple times shows how hard he tried to hold it, and how stressed he probably was. The owner was clearly sorry, and I imagine she was pretty mortified as well.

  • TIm

    I also have a service dog who has saved my life not once but twice due to a sleeping disorder, as well as for depression. So many of you people that think people like us don’t need them then think again. some day you or someone you love might need one and that animal may save a life.

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