Dad shown on video kicking son down skateboard ramp will not be charged

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Florida man banned from a skate park last month after he was caught on video kicking his son down a skateboard ramp will not be charged, according to WTLV.

The April incident was captured on video by another skater and posted on social media. The Florida Department of Children and Families investigated the incident.

On Thursday, the State Attorney's Office announced it decided not to charge Marcus Crossland for pushing his stepson off the skateboard ramp.

In a disposition statement obtained by WTLV, prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to charge Crossland with a crime.

The boy's mother said she did not want her husband to be prosecuted, but does want him to learn that she does not approve of this type of "training."


  • FaithC

    “The boy’s mother said she did not want her husband to be prosecuted, but does want him to learn that she does not approve of this type of “training.”
    Training? That is not training, that is abuse pure and simple. He did not even look down to see if the child was hurt or not. If this is what happens in public, what happens in the home?
    This man is just a bully and he has found someone small enough to bully. I would like to see him do this to someone who is big enough to fight back. He is a pig.

  • B

    So it’s called training now and not play time. Just another parent wanting their child to be a star because of their own failures in life. Sometimes it works ( Michael Jackson ) and sometimes the child grows up to become an abusive parent. Michael Jackson is probably a bad example because he was both a star and a child abuser. On the other hand, this type of training is just child endangerment and the DA needs to be fired for not performing his duties as a prosecutor.

  • Trinda

    Wow what the f**k is wrong with people any more these days! I thought that the parents were there to PROTECT them not to cause any harm on them! But in this world anymore I guess you would want someone to treat your child like that! Wow what a role model you are for your child! Your a WORTHLESS mother and I swear on everything I hope that THE REAL FATEHR would take him from you and show him WHAT A REAL FATHER is like! Not one that will bully and beat the shit out of your child! Let me a round of applause for bein WORHTLESS PIECE OF SHIT MOM! GOOD JOB for being a failure and good way to raise your child on knowing its okay to not have self worth or think that its okay to beat up on someone else when he gets older! Trust me if I was in the same state as you not only would you suffer the pain that your child did of fear but hopelessness of ever trusting you again! WAY TO GO!!!

  • W.R. Moore

    Did anyone ever consider the father was trying to help the child get over his fear of going down the ramp? I know when my child wanted to dive off the diving board, which was only 5 feet above the water. He was nervous and wanted to jump, but, was afraid to. I just gave him a shove and away he went. Came back up and said “that’s cool”. Climbed out of the pool, back on the diving board, and off he went on his own. He conquered his fear with my assistance.
    n this video, we can’t hear the conversation between father & son. It did appear the son was hesitant or scared to go over the edge. So, his father just gave him a push. Notice the son has on all the proper pads to protect him from injury. I don’t believe it was a discpline move or one out of anger. Although the father has been banned from this skateboard park, I’d like to know if the son gained some courage to try it again, this time on his own. I don’t see any intent to hurt the child. As usual, we never get the full, complete details on the investigation. If we had the complete details, it would assist us in making an informed judgemet. Without the details, how can anyone make a true judgement in this matter Keep in mind, stories like this is what sells newspapers, draws tv viewers and make the owners happy. It’s all about the money and ratings.

    • Richard

      This is the point I think alot of people miss. I think most of the time people assume that they are getting all the information. A person’s opinion can be swayed through clever word play, or re-arranging the facts. This article could just have easily read, “Hero dad trying to help son overcome fear is the target of public outrage”. I wonder how different people would have viewed this. I guess at the end of the day the “herd” mentality to not rock the boat or go against public opinion can cause us to make snap judgments. Hopefully in this day and age of the Internet, public awareness of this tendency may be brought to light, and after a few generations of adjustment we will learn to dig a little deeper before we come to our own conclusions and put it out for the world to see.

  • D fain

    Look a here Sister!! There is no man worth throwing your child to the wolves! Men come and go!! That’s your kid, the flesh of your flesh!! What’s wrong with you??
    Some Men are men, some are idiots, I suggest you regroup.

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