Cold Water Challenge spreading on social media

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. -- The Cold Water Challenge is spreading across social media.

Believed to be a spin-off of the polar plunge, people are going online challenging friends and co-workers to bear cold water for a good cause.

Those called out online have 24-hours to accept the challenge, record it and post it online to websites like Facebook. The videos being posted include a $10 donation request to charity. If someone doesn't accept the challenge they have to pay $100 to the charity or cause.

"I accepted the challenge and so I challenged others," said Renee Galliher with the Cornatzer-Dulin Volunteer Fire Department, who also challenged FOX8's Chad Tucker. Tucker accepted the challenge, being drenched by hundreds of gallons of cold water from an engine truck.

He picked the Stokes County Animal Shelter building fund for his cause.

"It's just a fun way to make money for any charity that's close to your heart," Galliher said.

Galliher choose Relay for Life in honor of her mother-in-law Judy, a survivor of throat cancer.