Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Maya Angelou’s funeral

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TOPEKA, Kansas — The highly-controversial Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket Maya Angelou’s funeral.

The church has asked their Twitter followers for information on Maya Angelou’s funeral. They also tweeted various hateful things about Angelou on Wednesday and Thursday.

The group frequently pickets various events, such as military funerals, gay pride gatherings, high-profile political gatherings and university commencement ceremonies.

The church is known for the controversial signs they picket with, some of which read “THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS” and “GOD HATES F*GS.”

Angelou was an award-winning author, renowned poet and civil rights activist. She died Wednesday in her Winston-Salem home at age 86.

Angelou had been reportedly battling health problems. She recently canceled a scheduled appearance of a special event to be held in her honor.

Angelou’s funeral arrangements have not been announced.

Mount Zion Baptist Church in Winston-Salem will hold a memorial service to honor Angelou at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at 950 File Street. The memorial will be open to the public.

Angelou was a member of the church for over 30 years.

It remains unclear if the funeral will be open to the public.

WARNING: The following tweets contain obscene and explicit content. 



  • lisa

    yes it is Maybe some police officer should shoot right in the middle of the disrespectful idiots and send them packing3

    • annie

      white-black-stupid-ignorant all these labels make us feel seperated, we are all humans and should act civilized and help one another such as she would have helped her fellow man, no room for hate in church God would not want our fellow humans to be treated in such a dishonorable way!

    • Newsgal

      Equal opportunity haters. They are bullies who have decided that God hates everyone except them. Singly that would get you a vacation at the local hospital. As a group they become a church. Still crazy. I visited their website and had to leave and shower. They actually have a page explaining why God hates the world (except for them).

  • hans

    As crazy as the WBC is they aren’t any worse than any other religious people. If nothing else at least we know where they stand.

      • hans

        Seems to me the truth bothers you? Could it be that you’re not honest with yourself and others? You call me judgmental I said nothing judgmental maybe opinionated but only to a confined mind. Could it be you’re the judgemental one? I don’t know I don’t care to know. I do know a little on the history of religion and the only ones to blame for people like this are the people who come up with it in the first place. If anything the westboro baptist church are are closer to their Christian views than most they don’t interpret what they read they just do what it reads for them to do. Of course they skip out on a few things but all Christians do along with any other religion. It’s just the human element to everything each and all will do as they please, picking, and choosing. I wont bother listing them because you may not understand the point in the first place it’s human nature and I unlike a person tied to a religious group don’t feel the need to influence those who are already happy and complacent with where they are in life. I leave to myself and enjoy life as it is whether I go to heaven, hell, or a casket in the ground. I know that I’m alive right now so I feel as if I should enjoy and indulge in all my time has to offer.

    • Triple

      The Dork,
      Ol’ Hands there said he is as Crazy as the Westboro Crowd, in his first few words.
      When you get done, I’ll take over.

    • Steven

      I actually have to agree. Where a lot of religious groups won’t say how the feel outside of church walls the people of westboro will say how they feel any and every where with no shame. Now I don’t agree with their beliefs at all but it’s America where they have the right to believe what they want.

      • Kimmy

        Imo It’s not about expressing your opinion. Part of being an adult is being able to respectfully understand that everybody is gonna feel a certain way and that way may not be aligned with your thoughts and feelings. A lot of people don’t agree with my thoughts but I don’t need to disrespect them to get my point across. This hate group(masked as a church) in my opinion should honestly sit down somewhere and since they call themselves a church, pray that God forgives them for attempting to force their hate onto others. You can’t judge all religious people based on some. Imo you shouldn’t judge all of anybody because you don’t know all to judge fairly.

      • Newsgal

        “Where a lot of religious groups won’t say how the feel outside of church walls the people of westboro will say how they feel any and every where with no shame.”

        I’m sorry that you feel this way.The problem that I (and many others) have with the Westboro Church is not only what they are saying, but the way they go about saying it. Their first amendment rights should not be able to intrude on grieving families with hurtful, crazy lies. The fact that they have no compassion for any of the innocent people they are hurting says loudly and clearly what awful people they are.That is the loudest message that comes through.

    • hans

      It’s wierd because I’m one of those war veterans and it does make me angry that they do this stuff but I like open honesty better than a well hidden lie. I served four years in the army national guard, thirteen months in Iraq active duty as a ordinance specialist. I’ve seen some gruesome things in my 22 years on this earth but I won’t let other peoples behavior let me stoop to a lower level. I try my best a take the positives out of things and let the negatives but unseen. Some people believe in their gods but like many other people have found once you been on the front lines and see what goes on god doesn’t make so much since anymore.

    • Anonymous

      I’m actually wasting time out of my life to respond to your sad comment because I pity your misunderstanding of how Christianity should work. The Old Testament? Go take that up with the Jewish, people who still observe some of those religious practices. As for Christians, it’s much different. Yes, we do share and take morals from the Old and bring it into the New, because who ever said you don’t learn from your past? It’s better not to repeat it, and build a better future on it. Especially if it’s the old man in the sky who’s lookin’ out for you, even if you two aren’t on the greatest of terms now and again. Morals are morals. Rules are there for a reason. Sometimes they affect people more differently than others if not followed, but I’m getting sidetracked. WBC is so far from representing what God is about. God is love. This is said so many times in the bible, do I really need to quote it to you? Do you see them spreading love? No. Jesus told us one of the greatest of all our commandments on this earth was to love each other despite our differences. Do you see many people doing that these days? Not really. Everybody distrusts their neighbor, and don’t even care to know them. All we do is judge before we can understand why we hate. Don’t think I’m condoning anything that WBC does, because I am not in any shape, or form. I feel great anger and pity for them every time I see them in the news, most of all for the children that have to grow up with those parents. So despite what the Bible says we can and cannot do, the next time you meet someone who believes in God and don’t see them setting the same kind example Jesus did, remind them of this; Matthew 26:33-39 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Remind them Jesus had a tax collector, and a former prostitute as his best friends. They don’t need to prance around on a high horse when he was clearly spending his time with the lowly, untouchables in the dirt. The God of Creation could have had anything at a whim, but he chose to be with the lowest of the low. Does that not speak volumes? And yes, they should have compassion in their hearts for WBC members, if only it’s pity for their misunderstanding. It’s okay to be angry, it’s part of being human, but anger has a threshold. Also see Leviticus 19:17-18 “Don’t secretly hate any of your neighbors. But tell them openly what they have done wrong so that you will not be just as guilty of sin as they are. Forget about the wrong things people do to you. Don’t try to get even. Love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

    • Aaron.

      I really hate this line of reasoning. They have freedom of speech. So what? Are you forgetting the freedom of speech the rest of have to despise them and their views? The can say whatever they want. And the rest of us have a right to give our opinion about their opinion. We have a right to spew as much venom and vitriol at them as we want.

    • Happy Happy Happy

      Freedom of Speech? Where did that go…lol. Tell that to Donald Sterling or Paula Dean or whoever else. Freedom of speech goes for all but white folks!

      • Hanrahan

        amen to that…if you’re white you’re a racist, if you’re any other it doesn’t apply, you can say whatever you want and its progressive, if you’re white you’re prejiduce…just look at stand up comedians, a black guy can get up there and make fun of whitey all night and its hilarious, but dare not say anything about blacks or latinos if you’re white, because then you’re a bigot and a racist….what a double standard in this country. its so tired and old….its been my experience that the ones that accuse people of being racist are the most racist ones out there…fact!

      • greed

        That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Do you even know what freedom of speech is about? Beyond stupid comment…..

      • sharigan1982

        It’s not just white people that get seen as racist. That’s just what the media shows. I’m black and I tell people all the time that I’ve met as many racist blacks than whites. It’s all ignorance. People dislike each other for no good reason. I’ve experienced racism because of my race but I still don’t harbor any hate for other races, and I’ve experienced quite a bit from whites, Koreans, and Mexicans. I find it funny when people change their view of me after they get to know me. Stop judging people off of appearance. Some of those people you think are thugs are some of the smartest, most educated people you may know. Some of those Mexicans are legal and not part of the drug cartels.

      • John Standfield

        I’m pretty sure all of the Westboro Church Members are White Happy Happy Happy. That was pretty much an asinine statement to make guy.

      • Happy Happy Happy

        Ok Stanfield….I see what your saying, but wait and see how many arrests there will be…probably none! But let a white man say the word Nig and all heck breaks lose!

      • Desmond

        Free speech isn’t consequence-free speech. Yeah, you can say whatever you want and the GOVERNMENT can’t stop you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be fired, sued, have your product boycotted, or called a hateful dick.

    • Elizabeth

      Actually not all freedom of speech is protected and I’m not sure why they haven’t been sued

      • psychoflute

        They have been sued, multiple times, I believe. The problem is, many of their members are lawyers who somehow manage to get them out of the lawsuits pretty much unscathed.

    • Madison

      There are consequences to freedom of speech. Like every action there is a reaction. Hate speech and bullying are unethical and go against several other rights Maya and her family’s rights to the pursuit of happiness and several of civil rights the Constitution awards. Just because you can be hateful to others doesn’t mean you should be. These freedom of hate speech supports would feel quite differently if someone picketed their sons or daughters graduation calling them profane names. They would feel quite differently if their boss called them out every meeting to demean and verbally abuse them. One day, these people in this hate cult will pay and karma will hit both them and their supporters.

    • Jim

      So I have the freedom of speech to hold signs with hateful message like that in front of your house all day or at your own wedding? It’s never your concern and all empty talk about freedom until you got the taste of it huh? Grow up and try to think how other people feels

  • AJ

    Says the guy that jumps from trees out of planes off buildings sleep in the woods and eats bananas for lunch everyday and not to mention have hair coming out there nose ears and everywhere else but we the monkey

  • Aaron.

    Could it have something to do with the fact that she was one of the most influential poets of her generation? Nah, that couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with it. Minor detail.

  • Charlie

    What do these people hope to accomplish? How is this loving God or loving others? How can they call themselves a ‘church’? These people infuriate me beyond all belief.

    • hans

      You should do as Jesus spoke and forgive them……I’m not a religious person at all but seems to me if you’re going to claim to be you should at least follow through.

      • David C

        Hans. Please. Just stop. You said it yourself, you’re not a “religious” person yet you make judgemental quotes on here like these ppl of faith (not religion) are attacking YOUR faith….im sure if jesus came back he’d probably say something like, chill out yo.
        Yes Jesus said to.forgive…actually He said if a man offends you, seven times then forgive them seven times. However God knew it was not possible for us to operate perfectly in Godlike qualities or He would have never sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. Anyways moral of the story being Christian doesnt make us anymore perfect…it just makes us forgiven in Gods eyes….so please stop antagonizing every person of faith on here who is speaking out against this group who is carrying a very false yet HIGHLY covered image of what we stand for.

        I’m.tired.of groups like westboro but im also tired of atheists, nonbelievers, etc etc who think they know our faith better than.we.do.

  • Susan

    Geraldine, you don’t even deserve a comment and Hans, what planet did you fall off of? Obviously you two haven’t heard her speak or anything she has ever accomplished in her lifetime. Oh, wait, I forgot you are still under that rock you have been under all of your life.

  • B.Thomas

    Please don’t bring that drama and mess to Winston Salem. .you keep it right where u live. .We don’t do that here…

  • Regan

    She was not just some woman. She was an amazing human who contributed more in one year than most people manage in a life time.

    • BBern

      I can’t believe what I am reading here. Some of you folks (AAron) needs a wake up call or a slap to the head.

    • Angela

      There will always be ignorance. There will always be Christians that interpret the Bible in a bad way and make their world ugly. These people will speak to God. Let it go people…It does not help to dwell on the ignorance. Walk away and feel the love that this smart and beautiful woman taught. She said she could forgive and then tell them to just go on. Walk away!

  • Gene Bridges

    King David committed murder; Paul persecuted Christians until their death. We can go on and on with examples. In her later life, Dr. Angelou was very vocal about her choice, of her own free will, to be a practicing, dedicated Christian. Go to Mt. Zion’s website online and read their articles of faith. You know what they are? They amount to a very short version of the statement of faith known as the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000. Not only that, there are elements of it that, being a Reformed Baptist myself, I recognize as from the 2nd London Baptist Confession of 1689 – that’s the statement of faith the majority of the first Baptists in England believed and that the majority of them in America came to follow up until the beginning of the 20th Century. In fact, some of us, like the Reformed Baptists, of which I am one myself, hold to it today. By default, we are the most conservative, evangelical Christians in the room. She was a member in good standing with that church, and that is enough for me to say that, contrary to her detractors, she should be recognized as a Bible believing Christian. It’s a testament to the racial divide in this country that a lot of white people look at black people’s churches and think that because whites and blacks differ so much over issues of Social Justice and politics, the black churches are liberal hotbeds. The truth is that a lot of those white folks larding the pews of those churches obviously don’t know the Gospel, even though their churches profess to preach it, because they make judgments about others’ eternal destiny based on things like being a former Madam and/or a person’s politics. That’s not included in the substance of the Gospel. For that reason, I’m a 44 year old white man, and I’ll gladly attend Mt. Zion church over the majority of the Baptist churches populated by a majority of white people in this city if the PCA, of which I am currently a part, fails me in that regard.

    • Jay Doub

      Gene, I want to thank you for writing this and I want to steal your quote “white people larding the pews”. Love to have you at my church anytime!

  • David C

    Have u ever done anything bad? Well then what u did is all that you are, forget all of the good you did
    (Your reasoning not mine)

  • Mark Stabler

    This so called Church group are an insult to all reasonable thinking people. While we are blessed with rights of freedom we should always be guided by a common sense of decency. This so-called Church group has none.

  • Jason

    maybe…just maybe some of the red neck silver valley fools who religiously fill this website with incoherent ridiculous things should band together…us normal folk also band together with the valley crew and run these dip shits out of our state.

  • antoinette cross

    What planet you live on? that is the dumbest statement I have ever read! I have seen many famous people from all races hailed by the media when thy die. you on crack?

  • Ken

    When you have done as much as Angelou has done, get back to us. Until then, your ignorance is clear for all to see and maybe you should keep those petty little thoughts to yourself next time (this coming from a white man). Idiots abound it seems.

  • jerri

    Therr is no room for these loons. The media and everybody around should disregard them altogether. Crazy and mixed up world we live in! ♥♡♥love you all♥♡♥

  • Jodi

    Are you serious?! Her race has nothing to do with anything. (and this is coming from a white southern woman) She was a beautiful human being, with talent coming out of her ears. I don’t care if she was purple with green stripes… I would honor her

  • Jodi

    WBC are the kind of people that make me glad to be pagan. I wouldn’t want ANYONE associating me with people like that. Seriously, how can they do the things they do?

  • vee

    My husband is active duty army.. God forbid something ever happen to him but if it did, and these people started protesting, I think I would shoot and kill every last one of them.. Our soldiers fought for everyone’s freedom, and this is how they use theirs.

    • hans

      I thank your husband for his service freedom never comes cheap. These people in my opinion are very disrespectful but as people we need to respect their opinions and beliefs but we also need to pay them no attention. That is the only thing that they have is the “wow factor” and once people stop giving them that they’ll slowly stop. America is a great place but a place in which everyone is allowed to do how they please until a certain point. Once they cross the line they will be dealt with by law or by citizens.

  • Triple

    The thing that bugs me is, if I say something about the President, The Governor, or any member of Government, I am liable to be put on a list by the NSA while this westboro crowd gets a free pass.

  • Erica

    These people are not of the faith…nor should they be allowed to be called a Baptist Church to cover up their evil doings…I am a Southern Baptist and Baptists are accepting and forgiving…no one should be allowed to use slanderous, discriminatory, hateful words and actions and in the same title carry the name of a Baptist. We should petition that the so called “Church” be stripped of the right to be called a church, more like a cult who found a loop hole.

  • SINNER 3

    Westboro crowd hummmm…….Anybody up for some target practice ….? Bad reps for any church,never liked these MUTTS !!


    YOU KNOW WHAT this CHURCH WILL BURN IN HELL and I HOPE ALL OF THE FOLLOWERS will read this message. They all need to be STONED AND CASTRATED for even think of disrupting a somber gathering. They should be ashamed of themselves and I think they only do it for the attention. They gain nothing from it. I hope a tornado comes through and bulldozes the Westboro Baptist Church. Haven’t they been hit by a tornado or did someone try to burn them down before a long time ago?

    • hans

      The fact that you cast judgment on these people wishing death is no better than what they are doing. You’re not a very good Christian if you can’t forgive people and let things be. You yourself will probably also be going to this hell place of you religious people like to throw around to scare people with. What a joke you all are

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