Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Maya Angelou’s funeral

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TOPEKA, Kansas — The highly-controversial Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket Maya Angelou’s funeral.

The church has asked their Twitter followers for information on Maya Angelou’s funeral. They also tweeted various hateful things about Angelou on Wednesday and Thursday.

The group frequently pickets various events, such as military funerals, gay pride gatherings, high-profile political gatherings and university commencement ceremonies.

The church is known for the controversial signs they picket with, some of which read “THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS” and “GOD HATES F*GS.”

Angelou was an award-winning author, renowned poet and civil rights activist. She died Wednesday in her Winston-Salem home at age 86.

Angelou had been reportedly battling health problems. She recently canceled a scheduled appearance of a special event to be held in her honor.

Angelou’s funeral arrangements have not been announced.

Mount Zion Baptist Church in Winston-Salem will hold a memorial service to honor Angelou at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at 950 File Street. The memorial will be open to the public.

Angelou was a member of the church for over 30 years.

It remains unclear if the funeral will be open to the public.

WARNING: The following tweets contain obscene and explicit content. 




    Most of their members are already starting to die like flies on a t bone steak. They are setting themselves up for a very hot place of HELL which is where they all are working on going. They need to take a break from their FOOLISHNESS

  • Hannah

    ….maybe you should educate yourself a wee bit on history….it’s definitely not just “black people” on the tele….not to mention how influential she was….here’s an idea for ya, do something completely selfless and for the better if mankind and then dedicate your life to it…you might be the “white folk” on the tele you wished for…ignorance is lack of knowledge.

  • QJ

    Maya Angelou stood for unity and peace. How can you protest that?
    “Be the rainbow in someone’s cloud”….Maya Angelou

  • free

    White, African American, Asian, Latino, purple who cares at this point. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, we all agree, but respect is something totally different. Allow the family and friends to grieve without disrespect. And as Christians let God take care of the rest.

  • Steve

    Love it or hate it, this is our 1st Amendment at work. Very similar to how some view the 2nd Amendment: Just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.

  • Jessica Matt Poff

    I have never cared for Maya but I can say that Westboro Baptist Church is a disgrace to the Kingdom of God. They are mean, evil spirited people who needs the God’s grace. They do not represent Jesus at all. In fact I believe the Devil dances right in the center of those folks.

  • Victor Kirkpatrick

    This is a church that is full of ignorance and intolerance. True loving Christian people will distance themselves from this church of clowns. I am a retired veteran and wish that they would come face to face with some mudslum islumic extremists. Then we will see what happens to their protest.

  • Troy K

    A human being has died. She should not be disrespected in her passing. If there was a problem it should have been handled while she was alive. No person should be disrespected in the going home service. No matter who it is. I will personally be there to prevent this. I’m praying nobody has to get hurt or life taken. I will do what has to be done. Disrespect for this woman will not be allowed.

  • Michael J Keller

    Baby, she did it right!
    Consider it an honor if Westboro Baptist Church pays you a visit!
    “Live your life well enough to make Westboro want to picket your funeral!”

  • Monica

    the world admires the late Maya for her impact on Society. Guys do not use the Lord ‘s name in vaine. if you wanna do your dirty picketing don’t call yourselves a church. RIP Maya we love. you period. May your passing on, bring redemption to their lives!

  • Maureen

    I feel sad for these people in church. Because they all think they’ll go to heaven when they go. It’s not because they’re bad people, it’s just that…Well I believe that everyone has lessons that they must learn when before they die and these people must learn that hatred is not something that God rewards; they don’t learn that before they go, I believe that they will be stuck in Limbo until they do learn that lesson. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

  • Steve

    What’s interesting to me is all of these people who claim to be so intellectual falling for this simplistic ignorance. They are not even a true church entity (mostly a big family), but moreover a sensationalist group of illological people attempting to draw attention. They are are not stupid and actually contain a number of lawyers and do things like this hoping someone would break laws (assault per say) so that they can sue. Aside from that they just want media attention. What better way than to claim a church entity and attack nationally acclaimed instances (soldier deaths, homosexuals, famous ppl). Stop falling for the game.

  • Megan

    Fox8 before you start rumors, could you please confirm these kinds of reports? If you go to the WBC website and not just their Twitter feed, you will see that on their picket schedule, they do not have May Angelou’s funeral listed. I do not like what WBC does but at the same time (I’m from Moore, OK and I was there the day we ran them off in just 8 minutes of their arrival) but factual reporting would be nice, not just rumors…

  • southerntongue

    Maya Angelou spoke beyond race and gender rights issues, she spoke of the universal human spirit. I was touched to witness her speak locally at Austin Peay University back in 1998 when I was just a senior in high school. This week I was compelled to pay tribute to her with my artwork. You can see my portrait of the author along with some inspiring words of hers at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2014/05/in-memoriam-maya-angelou.html Drop by and tell me how her life’s work inspired you as well!

  • Babs

    This group is Not a church. They do not preach the Word of God. They are an insult and embarrassment to Christians and Baptists everywhere

  • Kimmie Peters

    Michael j Keller said it best and I am going to print his post as my personal reminder because it was very powerful! He said,
    Baby, she did it right!
    Consider it an honor if Westboro Baptist Church pays you a visit!
    “Live your life well enough to make Westboro want to picket your funeral!”
    Well said Mr. Keller!!

  • Kermit

    The evil in the hearts of those WBC members is the taint of satan himself. They don’t realize but they are doing the devil’s bidding.

  • Madison

    Why are people so quick to support hate speech and bullying with the First Amendment?
    Just because someone has the right to be unethical and hateful to others, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a consequence for their actions. I never thought I would see the day a respected and nonviolent Civil Rights leader would be threaten with public shaming. Her family and friends have Constitutional Rights just like the bigots at Westboro Church and deserve to have a peaceful and respectful funeral service for Maya Angelou. I don’t live too far from North Carolina, I just might go out there to see how this unfolds. I am not the type person to respond to ignorance and hate with violence but I’d be willing to get just as ignorant and hateful with these bullies if they think they have the right to smear this woman’s funeral. WHEN are they going to be labeled and treated as a HATE GROUP. Enough is enough.

  • dewey

    why don’t all you believers pray….you say there’s power in prayer….you all pray for other trivial things, why not this…..or better yet, everyone from ALL faiths come together and counter-protest, let them know they aren’t welcome in NC now and forever….this would be a great opportunity to show that you really aren’t just Sunday christians, or Saturday LDS or whatever day muslims go to mosque or armchair pagans and so on and so forth

  • Stephanie

    People will say, and do just about anything for their 15 minutes of fame. This so-called church is no exception. A true Christian disciple would know that God does NOT promote this kind of hate. These people are extremists, and bullies, and the court should issue an open-ended restraining order on them disrupting public events.

  • joe

    I’m calling out all Hitman to come together and put an end to this hate group for good. This is not a church.

  • stuff

    What stands out in my mind, when they have the freedom to speak as they do, that it is that way because of Maya’s in the world who advocated for their freedom of speech. So let them show up and smile because they are a living testimony. Their protest will actually stand in honor of her contributions. SO PROTEST ON in honor of a great woman and no matter their message it will be because she was a true lover of all mankind as commanded by God.

  • Kandy

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