Dad surprises son returning from LDS mission with amazing weight loss

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BOISE, Idaho — A young man returning home from a two-year LDS mission in Brazil got a big surprise from his father at the Boise Airport.

Ty Higley had not seen his dad in person in two-years and because of the limited contact allowed between missionaries and their families, his father was able to keep his secret from his son.

His dad, Duane Higley, lost 140 pounds while his son was away.

Duane said despite limited contact, it wasn’t always easy to keep the secret. When Ty was allowed to Skype with his family, Duane resorted to wearing extra clothes or having the family say he wasn’t home.

The father and son are now planning to run a half-marathon together this summer.

Source: KTVB


  • Jim

    This is a great personal story for the family. Newsworthy? Absolutely note. Literally every day Fox8 runs one of these wonderful, feel good stories. They sincerely are wonderful…Just not newsworthy. Ahhhh……….

  • Fay

    Love these stories,,it gives me a good feeling,,there’s enough bad news in this world thank you for spreading a little good news everyday,,,,

  • Trisha

    Agreed….the news is filled with death and destruction and not near enough good stories! If they can write about the bad, they should also share some good!

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