Sen. Berger announces teacher pay increase plan

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RALEIGH — Sen. Phil Berger Sr. announced a plan Wednesday to increase teacher salaries by an average of about $5,800 a year, according to the News & Record. 

“To attract and keep the best educators in the classroom, the Senate budget will include an average pay increase for our teacher of over 11 percent,” Berger told reporters at a press conference in Raleigh this morning.

The drawback would be that teachers would have to give up tenure in order be eligible for the pay raises.

Berger declined to say how the pay increases would be funded, but the plan would cost the state approximately $468 million.

Berger said it will be the largest teacher pay increase in the state’s history.

Source: News & Record


  • Doc Bennett

    It will never work. The 10% that make up the really bad teachers will raise heck like they represent 90% and most will not take the pay raise they have been screaming for.
    OK teachers….you said throw $ at the issue and here we have! We ask for two things in return:
    1) give up your “You can’t fire me because I svck as a teacher, union led, democrat passed insane job protection”
    2) teach our kids!

    Here is your chance to get our test scores above Mississippi and Alabama

    • Steve

      1) There is no union in North Carolina. Teachers have very few due process rights currently. All tenure means in North Carolina is that evidence has to be shown to fire a teacher.
      2) North Carolina is ranked #7 in state rankings, which includes test scores. But has a C education policy grade. Hence, North Carolina teachers are doing an amazing job with very little support and/or resources.
      Before you bash teachers, do some research.

  • JWS

    Wow, a want ad from Houston, Texas can do wonders! These proposed raises are pipe dreams that will never pass in Raleigh.

  • Doc Bennett

    So the want ad comes out and days later you think they can add it to the budget,?!
    Really. It was in the works for months just like Pat spoke about. Even good news is twisted by the liberals

  • Doc Bennett

    So the teachers that gave up their tenure already and got the $5000.00 bonus also get these raises !

  • !!

    Good plan. Teachers shouldn’t have tenure, anyway. And since the rest of us state employees never had tenure to begin with can we PLEASE get a raise, too??? I’ll never understand why so many people think that teachers are the only underpaid state workers who haven’t had a raise in six years.

  • DW

    I was in education as a teacher assistant for 31 years and retired in 2011. I feel retirees need an increase too, since we never had any compensation in years past.!

  • &*

    Doc….get a life. You go be a teacher….get paid for 10 months…work 2 to 3 hours over every day…then speak up.

    • !!

      That’s a bunch of BS. Your annual salary is your annual salary. It is what it is whether you choose to get paid only during the ten months you work or spread it out over 12 months, which IS your choice as a teacher. How often you get paid is not relevant – only your total salary for the year is relevant to any discussion about pay. And I know plenty of teachers – the only ones who work 2 or 3 hours over on a regular basis are coaching an athletic team, and they get paid a supplement to do that. Any other teacher who is working extra hours is CHOOSING to do that. Your choice. Stop doing it if you don’t like it. And if you do like it then stop whining about it.

      • Steve

        You really have no idea how wrong you really are. So if every teacher made the choice to stop working their 2-3 extra hours every day, here is a list of things that would no longer happen: Graduation ceremonies, Sporting events, concerts, tutoring, prom, after school remediation, National Honors Society, clubs and activities, dances/celebrations…..just to name a few. Papers also wouldn’t be graded with the necessary feedback to provide improvement in writing skills. A good teacher works 45-50 hours a week because it has to be done to provide what their students need to be successful, not because they choose to do so. Also, coaching supplements do not come close to covering the gas spent on my players who need rides home after practices and games. I understand your point, but do all state employees have jobs that require college degrees that must be paid out of their pockets? No, they don’t. Comparing every teacher to every other state employee is ridiculous and ignorant. if you are such a pro at what a teacher’s life is like, visit a classroom and shadow a teacher. You will be surprised at just how wrong you are.

      • **

        I agree with !!. Total BS! I know folks that work up to 80 hours a week so your 7:30 to 3:30 with a few extra hours on some days that you get paid for don’t mean squat!! Get over it! No, not all state employee jobs require a degree, but you seem to forget that some of those state employees are your office staff, your lunch room staff and the hard working folks that keep your school clean. You may have that degree in hand because that’s what YOU chose to do, but without all these other hard working people around you, you could not do your job!

      • Pfftt

        Oh, Steve, Steve, Steve – tsk, tsk – you assume I’ve never worked in a classroom. Typical arrogant teacher attitude.

      • !!

        Thanks, **! And, let’s not forget (Steve!) that many of us “behind the scenes” school system employees – administrative support staff, building/grounds operations staff, etc. also have degrees! I think Steve is pretty ignorant himself about what all it actually takes to educate our children. Teachers canNOT do it alone.

  • Doc Bennett

    Sorry &*, I did 28 years in the Army, got shot at numerous times and now I get HALF the pay I made in the Army, much worst health care than teachers or retired teachers get, less retirement pay and no one is giving us raises for giving you the freedom to be a whiner.
    Your welcome

    • !!

      Doc, don’t you know that teachers are the only people who matter? The Army – getting shot at – so what? You didn’t need a degree for that. (sarcasm, btw, for anyone who needs that hint) As if a degree in education is that hard to get.

      • ThePear

        I love all this anti-teacher backlash. Its hilarious. Are you people are really dumb enough to think that after decades of being underpaid and ignored, that teachers asking for “fair pay” is greedy of them? Or are you just greedy enough yourselves that you don’t want to see anyone else get something they deserve until you get something yourself? Yeah, I get it that you were in the Army. And I thank you for your service, sincerely. But I have family and friends in the Army too. They’re all financially fine. As a matter of fact, most of them were able to save up quite a bit of wealth by receiving paychecks while having the Army pay for their meals, housing, and transportation for years. The problem is, teachers don’t get that. Most civilians don’t. Their meals, housing, utilities, and transportation come out of their paychecks, not given on-top of their paychecks. Would I love to see military personnel paid more? Absolutely. But do I think teachers have anything to do with that? Nope. Want more pay for yourself and your colleagues? Get out there and fight alongside the teachers, not against them…

      • !!

        THEPEAR, teachers fight for no one except themselves. They well know there are plenty of other state employees who are underpaid, many making far less than teachers with the same years of experience in their fields, and we haven’t had raises in years, either. Yet, they never mention us. I’ll let them continue to fight their own fight like I have to fight my own, except I have no voice because the rest of us are drowned out by the constant cries of ‘but-we-educate-your-children’ from the teachers. Really? The rest of us contribute to society, too.

      • ThePear

        !!, then fight louder for you and your counterparts. Don’t degrade someone else just because your own convictions aren’t as strong as theirs. You’re all fighting the same fight, if you fight between yourselves then all you’re doing is keeping everyone from getting what they deserve. Support them, and encourage them to support you.

      • !!

        Encourage them to support me? You are living in a fantasy world. We are not all fighting the same fight; I know enough teachers to know that most of them think they have the most important career in the world and the rest of us peons are lucky to get what we get, and they have so many other people convinced of the same. My convictions are certainly just as strong as theirs, but I don’t get to play the whiny ‘but-we-educate-your-children’ card. The public couldn’t care less about those of us working behind the scenes in business offices that keep the schools running. The public hardly knows we exist.

      • ThePear

        Thats no one’s fault but yours. All I see when you write are unnecessarily envious words.

  • USMCVet

    Doc had a valid response. He was challenged to get a life and a job as a teacher..a job that gets paid for 10 months and works 2-3 hours extra every day and then he could speak up (and as the spouse of a teacher this is so true. the extra time is not a choice and if your think it is, then you are sadly mistaken, it is done as it is necessary to prepare for the next days, at least within the K-5 realm, the upper grades it is required less). I agree that the military definitely fits that bill. I was in the military and it i not just a 8-5 job, sometimes you are in the field, on maneuvers, or at war, and your shift doesn’t start and stop at a certain time, it is a 24/7 job, as technically you are always on call/ stand-by.

    The military NEVER pays for transportation (they will transport you where needed, when needed for your job, but you provide your own transportation to get yourself to and from your job (just like teachers, where the school provides transportation/ reimbursements for necessary work hour related issues). As for utilities, if you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough as you see it at the time) to live in base housing, if you are single it is paid for, but if you live in family housing you pay for it. Housing is covered somewhat (some places they just get a stipend and really can’t afford a place you would like to yet alone want to live) and it is taxed as income. Not saying that it is not possible to save money when in, but it is not as easy as you make it sound.

    I have a teacher as a spouse and do believe that they deserve better pay, but I also know several teachers all across the nation and they get lots better pay and benefits. I also know lots that have been able to save decent amounts of money and retire at a decent age (and yes lots within NC even), so it is just as possible as it was in the military. I agree that this is long overdue, but agree they are not the only state employees getting shafted, but then again they are the very few that took their jobs knowing the pay in advance. Teachers deserve the pay, but it is not what they do it for, and I do wish that I could say I love my job, no matter what, which is something the majority of teachers say everyday (and no I could never be a teacher as it takes a special type of person for which I don’t have the mentality).

  • Doc Bennett

    To the pear- your welcome too.
    You are comparing teachers to Vets. Go by any school staff parking lot, then go by any VA patient park lot. Which will have more new cars, BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis. I bet you know the answer. It is a easy test to see who is making enough

    • ThePear

      I believe we had a misunderstanding. Based on your original message that I responded to, I was under the impression that you were attempting to compare teachers to vets. Now that I’ve read some of the previous posts on this page I understand that was not the case; instead you were just talking about yourself. Thats fine. And I apologize for the misunderstanding.

      However, I would also hedge a safe bet that many of the teachers who drive BMWs, Mercedes, etc that you speak of… those cars most likely came from income from their spouse’s work, and less likely come from the ~30k/year that teachers make. I mean, that’s just looking at it realistically and by the numbers. I don’t know many people in a teacher’s salary-range that drive nice vehicles or live in nice homes who don’t have spouses making considerably more money. And just because a teacher drives a nice car doesn’t mean he/she is paid fairly.

  • Doc Bennett

    NC teachers starting pay……$30,774.00

    US Soldiers starting pay……18,378.00+ FREE travel any where in the world (as long as a war is going on), free lodging or another 10,404, free food or another 4224.00 for a grand total of $33,006…..pear you are so right. I stand ( with some difficulty from an injury from Iraq) corrected. So now Pear please feel free to join these brave young souls on the wall defending your freedom OR shut up and be thankful they are there. All the while knowing they will be given the great medical care our country is providing for their injuries, half the retirement pay and your thanks for their service. While you belittle their service since you KNOW of people that were in military living well and you deserve more and more and more I feel sorry for you and your kind.

    • ThePear

      Doc, I’m not asking for anything for myself. I work in the private sector and while my income isn’t anything to brag about, I’m comfortable with it. Furthermore, in no way do I think military personnel are paid as well as they should be. I never said that. However, just because I think military personnel should be paid more doesn’t mean I think teachers should be paid less. Its not a one or the other situation. I support you both. I think injustices are done to both. And I want to see those injustices ended… for everyone.

      • !!

        Well said, ThePear. I, too, am for teachers being paid fairly, along with all other state employees, and the military. Everyone in any field of honest work should be paid fairly, of course. Sadly, our government – state and federal – are fighting hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Sam

    Sure teachers should be paid more (especially if they are giving up their tenure). All state employees should probably be paid more, however to achieve this the money has to come from somewhere. Do we raise taxes, cut spending, i.e. unemployment, food stamps, welfare, etc.? NC already has one of the highest income taxes in the country and we’re getting flack for cutting the spending so where does the money come from?

    • @

      Easy, as far as teachers and other school system employees go… redirect the proceeds from the NC EDUCATION lottery to what it’s supposed to be used for.


    Will this payoff help cut back on all the educators and school employees I read about charged with everything from FVCKING KIDS !! To selling them drugs or having three ways with the underage kids !! Those stories where all posted just in the last 30 days !!

  • Jo

    I am a teacher. I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I know I make a difference. Would I like more pay? Of course! I have to get my “pay” from the kids and their parents as together, we see growth. What I dislike is the legislature who appear to be putting out a new proposal with no idea how to fund it. This smells rotten, and all I see is that they don’t want to be voted out on Election Day… I will be speaking up for myself with my vote to get rid of these people.

  • KM

    Why did it come down to all this,being embarrassed by another state. What do they get from NC state lottery ? Where does that money go?

  • BB

    The salary in NC for teachers is a joke! It is ridiculously low compared to other states, my husband is a teacher in upstate NY and makes 60,000 with 11years experience now that is a fair salary. A college degree is not easy to obtain and certainly not free we will be paying off his bachelors and masters degree for a very long time. Everyone has an opportunity to try to go to college and before you start bashing that too know the we were dirt poor while we supported each other through school. While yes the school secretaries are important, the teacher assistants, ect… It is ignorant of you to not see that an individual with a masters degree deserves more than 30,000 per year. I can’t believe how much people expect of teachers but are unwilling to give them in return!! And the military should not even be compared to teachers it is completely different. However, The men and women in this country that risk their lives for all of us should be taken care of MUCH better than they are, they should not have to worry about how they are going to support their families or how they are going to be able to afford healthcare (my husband was also in the military for 10 years)

    • !!

      Your husband didn’t need to get a masters degree to be able to teach. His choice to waste his money on that. And, his job is no more important than mine. “School secretaries and teachers assistants”…. You surely don’t think those are the only people besides teachers that it takes to run an entire large school system??? You seriously need to look into who all is working in the background…

  • Johnk889

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