Maya Angelou’s pastor says she was ‘mentor’

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Senior Pastor Dr. Serenus Churn, Sr. of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Winston-Salem said that although he was Maya Angelou's pastor, she was his mentor.

Churn said that Angelou had been an active member for decades, before he joined the church as Pastor in 1984.

"She prided herself on being a true member of the church," Churn said. "Many times persons who are really icons may have their name on the church row but no, she was an active member of our church family."

One of the passions of Angelou was the youth of the church. Amongst several missions and events Angelou created a library, with a working librarian and books donated by several of her publishers.

Churn said that Angelou was more than a church member but a close friend.

Funeral arrangements for Angelou are still in the planning stages.