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Maya Angelou’s literary impact

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Teacher and students across the world study Maya Angelou's poetry and books. High Point Central English teacher Brooke Sumner teaches Angelou's works every year.

"We study her poems. ‘Still I Rise’ is a poem my students love. It has tons of literary devices, the writing is rich," Sumner explained. "Even more than teaching the literature, we teach that to get life lessons. She went through a lot of hard personal experiences in the beginning of her life. Our students use that as a chance of hope and a chance of matter what they’re going through, they can build on that."

Scuppernong Books downtown Greensboro displayed several of Angelou's works in her honor Wednesday.

Owner Brian Lampkin pointed out, "It's tempting to say what a sad day, but really it’s such an extraordinary life that in some ways you have to just continue to celebrate how amazing it was. From her roots and everything she went through."