Ambulance, city truck involved in multi-vehicle wreck in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Three people, including a pedestrian, were injured in a crash involving a city truck, an ambulance and a Honda Accord on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the ambulance was traveling east on West Florida Street with its lights on and siren activated around 1 p.m. when it collided with the Honda Accord that was going south on Freeman Mill Road.

The ambulance had cleared and entered the intersection when it collided with the accord. The ambulance then struck a City of Greensboro work truck.

The Accord struck a utility pole and debris from the accident struck a pedestrian standing near the pole. The pedestrian, an occupant inside the Accord and an occupant inside the ambulance were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Their injuries were non-life threatening, police said.

Investigators said the crash is under investigation.



  • Joseph Rudzinski

    The city truck was sitting at the intersection. When the two vehicles collided, their final destination was for the ambulance to crash into the city truck. The city truck was not moving. The driver of the city truck was not injured.
    The emt on the passengers side where it impacted with the city truck was.

  • Doctor of It

    Somebody should check and make sure that the siren was audible from 200 feet (NCGS 20-125) since Piedmont Triad is known for using patched up pieces of junk. Wait a week and you will probably see that ambulance back on the road with duck tape holding it together….

    • SINNER

      HEY Doc 200 feet ? You may want to check that !! How I gonna hear over my tunes and my Beats !!

  • Doctor of It

    Thank you sinner…after further review ncgs 20-125 applies to a horn or exhaust whistle and is 200 feet. NCGS applies to a siren and states 1000 feet. ” Upon the approach of any law enforcement or fire department vehicle or public or private ambulance or rescue squad emergency service vehicle, or a vehicle operated by the Division of Marine Fisheries, or the Division of Parks and Recreation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, or the North Carolina Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services when traveling in response to a fire alarm or other emergency response purpose, giving warning signal by appropriate light and by audible bell, siren or exhaust whistle, audible under normal conditions from a distance not less than 1000 feet, the driver of every other vehicle shall immediately drive the same to a position as near as possible and parallel to the right-hand edge or curb, clear of any intersection of streets or highways, and shall stop and remain in such position unless otherwise directed…”

    Which means their junk has to be even better…..

  • SOTO

    The pedestrian got Hit by the Honda car NOT by debris. i have pictures, it broke the pedestrian’s leg.

    • Get over it

      Looks to me like the Honda was debris. Just sayin, and Doctor of it sounds like a disgruntled former employee of PTAR. Just sayin

  • Doctor of It

    Or somebody who just knows? And trust me the Doctor knows plenty of previous as you say “PTAR” employees….none of which are disgruntled because they are no longer part of a dysfunctional sinking ship. But since you bring it up…nobody but employees refer to it as “PTAR”???

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