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4-month-old being held in backseat killed in NC crash; driver charged with DWI

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Thabiti Pierre-Louis

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The driver of a car that caused a wreck that killed a 4-month-old girl on Tuesday was under the influence of alcohol, police told WSOC.

Police say the wreck happened shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday when a car was speeding and tried to pass another vehicle on Old Statesville Road. Detective Kevin Allred says the car ran off the other side of the road, hit a utility pole and overturned.

Five people,  including the driver, 21-year-old Thabiti Pierre-Louis, were taken to Carolinas Medical Center.

An infant being held in the backseat died in the crash. The infant’s name has not been released.

Police said 21-year-old Thabiti Ashim Pierre-Louis was reckless, speeding and lost control flipping the car that landed on the baby who was not restrained in a seat. The baby was being held by an occupant in the car.

Pierre-Louis was charged with DWI at the hospital. He faces charges of felony death by motor vehicle, reckless driving, possession of marijuana and child neglect.


  • mark

    this guy doesn’t deserve any 2nd chances in life. None of them do their neglence cost the life of an innocent child.

    • Keith

      I guess you’ve lived a perfect mistake free life Mark. No second chances ever needed. Cast all the stones you want however I would be willing to bet the driver not only regrets his decision todrink and drive and is remorseful. But also feels really low at the moment for causing thelife of that baby to be taken. Yes he deserves a second chance but also deserves to face his punishment.

      • Unkown

        I respect that but you got to think he black and they going to make him seem like a monster that’s was my Neice & I know he loved her like I did but its a reason there’s God so there’s a reason to forgive

      • Kay

        the one that was holding the baby she should had that baby in a car seat..not holding it.. If it was in a car seat the baby might be alive.. never take a chance like that. you never know what might happen…My Condolences to out to the baby family…R.I.P. baby girl.

  • Scott

    He was drunk, speeding and trying to pass another vehicle knowing there was a baby in the car unrestrained. He was also in possession of pot. It doesn’t matter how bad or remorseful he may feel. There are consequences for your actions. He deserves what’s coming to him. That’s just the way it is. I feel bad for the parents and family of the baby not the driver of the vehicle.

  • Kumho

    So, not sure i understand the world. No one that knows its dangerous and illegal to carry a child that way, much less chooses to drive drunk, and kill an innocent child should only be charged with ” the baby being unrestrained.” Shouldn’t that be murder? You willingly put the child in danger and killed it. Murder.But, oh well its just a dead child, i’m sure no harm, just give them a ticket and move on. Just a dead child.

    • Unkown

      Your heartless & you think that putting the mother in jail will make the baby in heaven feel better? You think that will help a family

  • connie

    Well I hope that he will spend the rest of is life in jail because you know not to drink and drive and if the mother or the father was in the car they to should spend their life in prison to because they know what is right and wrong and when they decided to hold that child they knew that was wrong in every means it is sad that baby girl had to die like that I hope they find justice for her

  • Unkown

    See the thing is that you are on the outside looking in there was mistakes mad but for the media to destroy a family with lies me as a close family member to Londyn I feel there shouldn’t be hatred towards anyone in a time like this Wasnt drunk & he was going the speed limit God Has a purpose everything happen for a reason thanks to everyone who’s seeing Whats taking place someone losing there life because of what the media says you all don’t know the half

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