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14 arrested after ‘Moral Monday’ sit-in at NC House Speaker Tillis’ office

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RALEIGH — After nearly 11 hours of sitting, waiting for a lawmaker who never arrived, 14 legislative protesters were arrested at North Carolina House of Representatives Speaker Thom Tillis’ office early Wednesday morning.

According to WTVD, the group is a part of the NAACP-led weekly “Moral Monday” demonstrations and were removed from Tillis’ office, handcuffed with plastic zip-ties and led out of the building one-by-one, escorted by General Assembly police.

All 14 would be charged with 2nd degree trespassing and violation of building rules, General Assembly Lieutenant Martin Brock said.

Police asked the group to leave Tillis’ office eight times and warned them they would be arrested throughout the night.

But they refused to leave.

The group stayed in Tillis’ office after asking to meet with him to discuss repealing Republican-backed legislation. They also want lawmakers to extend Medicaid and reinstate the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Tillis, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate this year, was not in his office when the sit-in started Tuesday afternoon. He presided over the House session just across the hall, but when the House adjourned, did not return to his office or answer protester calls to meet with him.

“This shows the kind of games that they play,” said the Rev. William Barber, president of the state NAACP. “Last year it was arrest them quick and get out. This year, it’s game after game after game instead of coming to the table and repealing these laws that are hurting people.”

By late Tuesday evening, nearing the seventh hour, the atmosphere in Tillis’ office shifted from tense policy confrontation to relaxed chit-chat and laughs.

Tillis’ aide, William Morales, who stayed in the office with the protesters all night, leaned back in his chair and chatted about theater and music with the protesters and read a book.

The sit-in lasted until early Wednesday morning.

Crystal Price, 27, of Greensboro told WTVD that she decided to participate because she’s is struggling to take care of her family on a minimum wage salary. Price has cervical cancer and flips hamburgers at a Wendy’s restaurant. She said she makes $400 a month and has to decide whether to pay for health care for her two children or herself.

Last week about 1,500 people attended the “Moral Monday” kickoff with a silent march through the Legislative Building.

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  • Frank

    SO, according to the printed article, “Crystal” is protesting because she is struggling to raise a family on minimum wage? Crystal, the Declaration of Independence guarantees you the pursuit of happiness but not that you will achieve it. The decisions YOU made in your life put YOU in that situation. At least you have the time to protest.

  • jliles1205

    “This year, it’s game after game after game instead of coming to the table and repealing these laws that are hurting people.”
    We demand that the will of the people be overturned to meet our socialist agenda.

  • stantheman

    Immoral Monday is what it should be called. Why don’t these people try to make our state better? I get it, more free stuff would be much better.

  • Chucky

    Crystal has time to get a second job if she can participate in “moral Monday”. If these people where actually there to negotiate a change than I would expect Tillis to meet with them but they want their way. They are not there to meet with Tillis, just waste his time like they are the time of the law enforcement officers and court.

  • Sandy

    I see she could afford to have her hair done…that usually costs me about $85.00. If I was living on $400 a month I would not be spending money on hair dye. Get your priorities straight people. Maybe she should sign up for a college course to take on mondays instead—-just a thought

    • Mike

      Not sure if you realize the woman that makes 400 a month is thw white girl pictured at the end of the slideshow. You might want to read and look fully before you go around judging people.

  • you have the rights that many died for, use them.

    The right to petition government is a freedom that has been firmly upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States on countless occasions, proving that it is considered an inalienable right by the U.S. Government.

    • Frank

      The right to petition is certainly an unalienable right. The expectation that said government will provide for your family while you do not is laughable.

  • Espanol

    So, you lazy people have the time to sit and wait on someone who you think can give you free handouts….but yet you wont get off your lazy butt and work another job or get an education to improve your lifetsyle….all you folks want is more free stuff. Instead of living off the government and have the nerve to complain about everything you get for free, try working for a living somewhere that requires an education and has benefits. Not some job a sophomore in high school can get same day they apply! Goes to show you the dumb just get more dumb!

  • Happy Happy Happy

    Hey crystal, you ever stop to think that maybe if you cleaned yourself up and get that neck tattoo covered up, you can possibly get a job somewhere that pays you more than minimum wage. What do you expect to get when you look like trailer trash! Its called looking, acting, and dressing the part that you want.

  • Trish

    Crystal, go to the Medicaid office and get your kids on Medicaid. They qualify. End of subject. You will need to earn more money to get ACA [obamacare as you call it] … and where’s the baby-daddy? And why isn’t he paying his fair share of supporting those kids? You need to be a responsible adult before you ask for hand-outs.

    • Ken

      I was about to say the same thing. I used to worked for Arizona DES (social services in NC) and the kids would automatically qualify and she would to based off of her income. Her plight holds no water if she is not willing to make the extra effort to get the help that is readily available.

    • blastered

      i bet you feel real good about yourself after that comment. now go pat yourself on your back.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    I wonder how many probation officers & cops have outstanding warrants for this bunch, plus there’s a lot of Fake Reverends there as well including Fatso W. Barber, the real Fake Reverend sorta like the Fake Al Sharpton, 2 of a kind!!

  • terrier brown

    Why should she have to get another job you people are ignorant. …. one of you said it right. … glad you’re white. …i bet you are a prude with kids someone else is raising because you make more than the average. …ps they grow up to be serial killers

    • Happy Happy Happy

      I guess when your average education is a high school dropout, what else should we expect right? LOLOLOL… think free handouts should be given I am assuming as well. Well maybe, just maybe, if you spent more time in school and less time waiting on free stuff to be given to your pathetic self, then you wouldnt be such low lifes. The way all of you act is like slavery still exists and if thats the case, where can i stand in line and get my slave! I need my dishes washed and alot of laundry to be done since I am to busy working my butt off all day to pay for my family and paying taxes to support all you losers.

    • Danielle

      She need to provide for her kids. That’s why she need another job you can’t expect others to bail her out.

  • Doctor Reality

    Hey with that bunch of lazy good for nothings in their corner how could the Libby Democrats lose??? In all honesty though, Obama has opened the door to the cheese line wider than it ever has bbeen before and the only thing the next candidate has to do is say they will keep it open and all thesse losers that have nothing else to do all day will be at the votting booth again to elect the next Obama…..just saying.

  • sophie

    Such an intelligent looking bunch, wouldn’t you say? Cream of the crop. Salt of the earth. Two-toned hair, and what a lovely outfit for such a big-boned woman. Gee, I feel so inferior now.

  • blastered

    nice NECK-TAT crystal! you spend you earnings at a tattoo parlor, yet refuse to better yourself, save and spend accordingly.

  • Really?

    If Crystal is only making $400 a month, that means she only works 12 hrs a week at minimum wage. I couldn’t afford to pay my bills, either, if I only worked 12 hrs a week, even at twice the minimum wage.


    Nothing but a pack of lazyase freeloaders !! Who is paying the bills and the cost of food and transport for all these flunkies !!

  • Nina

    crystal, after you beat the cancer,pat yourself on your back and remember you have two children that look up to you. You do what you have to do to keep a roof over your children’s heads. even if it means getting three jobs to survive. God has our back and god is the only one who should matter to you come judgement day. People are going to hate, and people are going to judge. Keep positive, to beat that cancer, There is nothing wrong with working at Fast Food, maybe up the ladder and get into management.

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