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Texas school places ad luring teachers from North Carolina

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- One of the biggest school systems in Texas has placed a wanted ad in a local newspaper recruiting teachers specifically from North Carolina.

According to WTVD, the ad was recently placed in the Raleigh News & Observer by the Houston Independent School District.

The headline reads, “Calling all North Carolina Teachers!”

The ad shows a promised starting salary of $46,805, which is reportedly about $16,000 more per year than what current teachers in North Carolina get paid.

Gov. Pat McCrory has promised in his new budget that teachers will soon earn a starting salary of $35,000.

The cost of living in Houston is higher than the cost of living in Raleigh, but a teacher from Raleigh would earn 25 percent more while teaching in Houston, far exceeding the need of a 5 percent salary increase.

Also included in the ad is an invite to a job fair held by the Houston Independent School District this Saturday at the DoubleTree Raleigh.

"People in North Carolina are very frustrated right now," says Rodney Ellis, president of the NC Association of Educators.

Ellis says last year alone more than 1,000 teachers left large school districts like Wake and Cumberland County for higher paying salaries in other states. Virgina and South Carolina have also lured teachers away for higher salaries.

"It's more disheartening everyday, large numbers of people leaving our state," Ellis said.

In a response to the ad posted on Facebook, North Carolina state Representative Graig Meyer (D-District 50) notes the average salary for teachers in North Carolina is $45,737, and the starting salary is much lower.

"North Carolina, we can do better than this," he wrote.

The Tar Heel State currently ranks 46th in the nation for teacher salaries. Many North Carolina districts have complained that they're losing teachers to other states that pay more.

WNCN is reporting that the superintendent of Houston Independent Schools, Terry Grier, used to be the Superintendent of Guilford County Schools in Greensboro.

Source: WTVD


  • Doc Bennett

    Please GO! I can’t wait for the whining when they get to the true inner city hoods/students

  • lumpy

    I know teachers and students i hate it for NC. but, I would not blame a one for going to texas.

  • Lorrie

    I sure hope that you never need a teacher. Who helped you to read, write, and solve math problems? Don’t you think those people need to be compensated for their hard work (and in your case EXTREMELY hard work)? 46 in the nation? Don’t you think that is worth changing? I hope others think more about you than you think about teachers in North Carolina.

  • George

    Grass always looks better on the other side of the fence. If they have such a great system for teachers and paying more, why are they advertising in NC. Makes you wonder who really paid for the ad.


        I have been a teacher In North Carolina nearly 20 years. If it were not for the call to teach I would have left years ago. My husband has a good job or I would be working 2 jobs. My day begins at 5:15 with a 45 minute drive one way to work. My day usually ends at 9 pm . Yes, doing school work that I DO NOT GET PAID EXTRA .REMEMBER WE ARE SALARY. I do not get the entire summer as most teachers do not. We have workshops planned for us REGIONAL MEETINGS ECT… . Furthermore , I am constantly working on the following year and what I will do differently, ESPECIALLY if I am teaching a different subject in High School. Move to Texas ? If given the opportunity I would if all panned out. I do not make that much MONEY with my years of experience. Anyone who would like to complain please ask to volunteer in a classroom or better yet sign up to be a Substitute , then tell us how you feel? Just saying, just because we want more pay does not make us whiny people.
        Who does not want more pay?

  • George

    Let us look at the advantages of being a teacher in NC
    1. Work 10 months out of the year
    2. Two weeks off at Christmas, 5 days off around Thanksgiving, one week fall break, one week spring break, off all other major holidays, no required to work weekends, few evening shifts unless working as coach or other additional duties for extra pay.
    3. Retire in your fifties, with health insurance coverage and guaranteed retirement monthly. Never having to worry if the stock market falls as most with individual retirement accounts have to worry. The state tax payers will just pay if the fund fails to meet the cost. The workers in the private sector will work until 62 or later, probably later due to health insurance costs.
    So your complaints.
    1. Salary. Look at advantages 1 and 2. What would the private sector pay for working just 10 months and all the other off days.
    2. The stress of the classroom. Seems we all have stress in our jobs, just a different type of stress.
    3. You lose days at spring break due to making up snow days. Most of us have to go to work in the snow and terrible traffic conditions.
    4. Cannot take your paid vacation days (PTO) when you want. You are already off most of the dates of the years the average worker would ask off and not receive.
    5. Salary does not compare to other jobs. You knew the salary before you studied for teaching degree. You were trading salary for benefits.
    Seems to most of the workers in NC, you have a really nice job and schedule and just love to complain. The governor is working to increase your salary. So if you really think the jobs in another state are so great, do like the rest of us the private sector. Take the job and move.
    There is always constant change. Once your salary in NC was not ranked so low. In due time, it will be ranked higher as times change. It is the same with all professions and the majority are worse than yours.

    • Deb

      George, check your facts. Teachers only work 10 months a year, but they are only paid 10 months a year. Right now my daughter makes the same amt. teachers in NC made in 1970! How would you like to go back to your salary in 1970? Pretty hard to live on in these times.

      • christy

        Go work in a school for 10 months and then report back to us about the #of teachers you see that don’t stay late, take work home, work over holidays, and come during the summer to work (without pay). Then we’ll talk.

    • christy

      Go work in a school for 10 months. Report back to us the number of teachers that you see who do not
      1) stay late, come in early, or do both
      2) take work home nightly
      3) work over weekends and holidays
      4) come in during the summer when they are not paid to work

      Well talk after you see what it’s really like for yourself. I am not a “whiney/whiny teacher”

    • Karen

      You apparently have never worked as a teacher because your “facts” are wrong.
      1. I have worked at a lawyer’s office, bank, and in the restaurant and none of those jobs were as demanding or physically exhausting as that of a teacher. I come home on Friday and crash and could care less about getting together with friends because I’m too tired.
      2. I don’t know many teachers that only work 10 months out of the year. Most teachers are going to workshops, renewing their credentials, volunteering on some sort of leadership group at their school, attending trainings, or working in their classrooms weeks before they are required to return back to school. We have to return weeks before we are scheduled because once we come back on those workdays, we spend our days in meetings.
      3. We don’t get paid during the summer.
      4. Most of us work 60 hours each week or more. That comes out to a bargain price of about $14 per hour with no overtime pay. Where else where you find a job that requires a four year degree and credentials that only pays $14 per hour?
      5. I do work weekends and so do many other teachers. It is very common to pull into the parking lot of the school and see cars there on Saturdays and Sundays. I was just at work Sunday for 2 hours preparing for a substitute. So even when I’m not at work, I have to prepare like I am there.
      6. With all of the cut backs, most schools to not provide textbooks or curriculum. The teachers are having to create their own games, lessons, and activities to teach the objectives or we have to buy them ourselves.

      I wish some of these people that think they know so much about education could work in a classroom full of elementary students for a few weeks to see just what it is like. You have no clue what it is like to have a list of state standards to teach all the while trying to assess students one-on-one with no help while you have 20 other students in the classroom that need to be occupied. Oh, and then you will be monitored and evaluated on how those students are doing on these assessments. Just as stressful as other jobs? Like I said, I have never been as stressed in other jobs I have had.

    • SINNER !

      George,do not confuse the teacher and their union with facts !! Remember all the mess when they where asked to work more than a one hundred and eighty day year,they have the option of drawing yearly salary in 10 months are spreading it over 12 moths !!

      • Amy

        Really??? If we want to get paid during the summer we have to take a 10 month salary and spread it over 12 months. That means I take my already poverty level assistant pay and spread it out over 12 months just so I can survive in the summer. Some people need to just not comment if you don’t know what your talking about. Spreading our pay over 12 months is not a good thing its just what we have to do to survive!!!

    • Wade

      You can’t argue with a fool, George . In a democracy , you get the government you deserve . Teachers aren’t the only ones who are leaving that state in droves and with good reason .But to move to Texas is tantamount to going from the frying pan to the fire . Many schools have no air conditioned classrooms , and classrooms have 45 students in most cases . I suggest heading to the Northeast for higher pay , better benefits and an appreciative public where “Georges” in short supply.

      • Amy

        Really??? If we want to get paid during the summer we have to take a 10 month salary and spread it over 12 months. That means I take my already poverty level assistant pay and spread it out over 12 months just so I can survive in the summer. Some people need to just not comment if you don’t know what your talking about. Spreading our pay over 12 months is not a good thing its just what we have to do to survive!!!

  • JWS

    They would also get another bonus due to the fact they would not pay 7% state income tax. There is no state income tax in Texas and those who say for them to go is a part of the problem in North Carolina not a part of the solution. You really show your so called concern for the children in this state when you do not support our teachers and why should North Carolina not be competitive with Texas?

  • Meredith Staley

    Wow! I am completely shocked at the number of comments that choose not to support NC teachers. Without teachers, there would not be any “private sector” jobs, for no one would be educated enough to be successful in owning or operating a business. It is not just about money. It is how this state views education in general; as something that is not important. And if you think working 10 months a year and having days off at the holidays somehow offsets the challenges that teachers face daily, then you are delusional. No one goes into teaching to make money. So yes, everyone is well aware of that aspect. However, somehow there are 45 other states that are managing to pay teachers a salary that is not considered almost at the poverty level. It’s such a shame that so many occupations that are essential to living life are so underpaid.

  • dobydog1

    might want to check out Houston before rushing there. it has a high crime rate with major gang problems. in the summer it is very very hot(100+ with 95% or greater hunidity), when you get a heavy rain (like an inch or more) you get flooding and a lot of it. I have seen roads running with curb high water on an inch of rain and since Houston is below sea level they have to pump the water out of their drainage systems. If the power goes out the pumping stops. I lived there for a year and that was enough for me.

  • Misty Guthrie

    I am also troubled by the negative comments I have read. When I first started teaching 7 years ago, the salary schedule was much more in line with the rest of the nation. I should be making nearly 6,000 more for my experience level, however NC chose to freeze teacher salaries so I make the same salary as a starting teacher 7 years later. Although the required hours of teachers are 7:30-3:15 10 months of the year, I know no teachers who work those hours or months. I rarely leave school before 4:30 or 5:00, and I spend countless hours planning for next year and attending trainings over the summer. We only get two days off around Thanksgiving, no fall break, no teacher workdays (only required professional development days), sometimes as little as 6 or 7 days at Christmas, and the rest of the holidays in line with the public sector holidays for the most part. I don’t know where the person is from that made the prior comments, but the “facts” sounded like a college schedule, not elementary/middle/high. I am not whining. For those that stated to pack my bags, I can’t just move to another state. I actually like this state and would prefer just to be treated fairly and paid fairly. I appreciate the kind comments from those served by teachers. I enjoy educating children. I love learning and find that many of my students inspire me as I am trying to inspire them. Before you talk about teachers collectively as whiny and make us sound greedy find out the real truth of what happens in most teachers’ lives throughout the year and well past school closing times. Keep the negative comments to yourself if you don’t know the facts.

    • Karen

      These negative comments are definitely not made by people with experience in a school system. I left at 5:50 tonight and brought home some things to work on. This job is not 40 hours per week. And like you, I don’t want to move to another state — I just want to be treated fairly and paid fairly.

  • CindyL.

    Well said Misty and Karen! It would be nice to be treated justly. I didn’t go into teaching for the money by no means but I was guaranteed an increase each year. Alas, I stopped receiving any increase my 3rd year teaching. So I keep trucking along every day educating the young impressionable mods of our state. I’m glad I am in charge of that and not some of the people who’ve made crude unsupportive comments on here! God bless our children!!

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