NC restaurant employees tackle, wrestle would-be robber to ground

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Scottie Hill (WSOC photo)

MORGANTON, N.C. — Restaurant employees thwarted a man who attempted to rob them at gunpoint Monday evening.

According to WSOC, Scottie Hill held several employees at a FATZ restaurant on South Sterling Street at gunpoint and one employee noticed something odd about his gun.

Det. Tim Corriveau said that there was some orange in the barrel of the gun, he also said it appeared to be an airsoft gun.

Once employees realized the gun was not real they wrestled Hill to the ground. When police arrived, they had Hill pinned down and ready to be handcuffed.

Brian Miller, the operating partner of the restaurant, said he was proud of his staff for taking action.

“It was very courageous for my staff,” Miller said. “It took a lot of heart and guts and they did the right thing.”

Hill’s bond was set at $500,000.


  • Chris

    Whoever this operating partner is, is dumb. Your proud of your employees and they did the right thing? had that been a gun they would have gotten shot for that. Most big companies tell there employees to cooperate…because that is the right one wants to get hurt. Taking action isn’t the right thing.

    • james

      Taking action when you notice the gun is a fake or airsoft gun is the right thing to do, How stupid would you feel to be robbed by a fake gun knowing it was an airsoft? they could see the orange in the barrel.

    • Right Thing

      Dear Chris – Dumb is posting a message accusing others of being dumb and in doing so, spelling “you’re” (you are) as “your”. But that’s just being nitpicky on my part.

      You go onto say “Most big companies tell there [THIS SHOULD BE “THEIR”] employees to cooperate…because that is the right one wants to get hurt.”. Oh, poor Chris. You seem to have trouble connecting the dots. “Big companies” that have policies instructing employees not to fight back or go after criminals have these policies for one simple reason: to mitigate the risk of being sued. That’s because when criminals hurt people (customers, employees, etc.) there’s always a few idiots who go out of their way to deflect blame from the actual criminal and instead, blame the company…….an employee’s actions…….whatever they can grab onto so as not to focus on the person(s) who actually are to blame. It has nothing to do with morally “doing the right thing” and everything to do with protecting a company against ridiculous litigation (completely understandable as even frivolous lawsuits with no merit are *extremely* expensive for companies). The larger a company, the more the company is a target for frivolous lawsuits by folks who know that it is typically cheaper to for a large company to settle. Also the greater the financial risk for damages in those cases that are not settled. Again – it has nothing to do with “doing the right thing”. If a criminal dragged off a 3 year old child from a restaurant, most would agree that the right thing to do would be to go after that criminal, accepting the risk of doing so – yet an employee would be fired for having done so, regardless of the outcome under those policies (and again, I’m not knocking companies for having those policies to protect themselves and their shareholders from litigation). A large company would fear that if the child was hurt/killed due in the effort to stop the criminal from taking the child away – that the actions of the employee could be blamed. In reality, the likely greater risk to the child, depending on the specific circumstances, is allowing the criminal to take the child. We live in a society where folks want someone to blame. That would make sense if the blame was placed on the criminals. Instead, criminals are excused for all bad behavior (example of this stupid mentality: “if the police had not chased the criminal, he/she would not have ran over the elderly woman crossing the street – the police are to blame!”). Idiots who are far removed from the event will always second guess and judge the actions of those who experienced the actual event. I’d say it’s amusing but….it in fact it’s pretty annoying.

      So in this case, the good guys won and the bad guy was arrested. Your comment is that “Taking action isn’t the right thing” – even in light of the explanation that the employees could tell the gun was not a threat. If you’re ever in a situation where you yourself are in need of help, please stop anyone from helping you and repeat those words: “Taking action isn’t the right thing”. God forbid someone try to do the right thing in your case. You’d find a way to take them to court for it.

      • FaithC

        Hey “right thing” your grammar isn’t perfect either. Good thing your smart phone does the “thinking” for you.

  • Chris

    What if they were shot and killed,,,you would feel awful ignorant because you thought they did the right thing.

      • "Awful Ignorant" is Awfully Ignorant

        Lol – yeah, and he’s supposing they all got killed……not just one freak death by an airsoft gun but, SOMEHOW, multiple deaths! The carnage! Someone has to do something about these airsoft guns! Perhaps Chris would prefer that the restaurant have a “No airsoft guns allowed……only real guns!” to keep things simpler. LOL. And he throws around words like “dumb” and “ignorant” (I really enjoyed his combination of the words “awful ignorant” as opposed to “awfully ignorant”. We all make those types of mistakes from time to time but you can count them in his posts. Dropped on his head, indeed. :)

  • llw

    To each his own thoughts, however, I would have done the same thing. Real gun, circumstances would have been a different thing. Good thing they only held him down for the police.

  • don

    Real or not the right thing was done! To look the other way is to accept that beha vior as long as it does not happen to you! When it does, what then?

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