More potholes popping up in Guilford Co.

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- The N.C. Department of Transportation is patching potholes on Piedmont roads and addressing new ones forming because of the warmer weather.

NCDOT Maintenance Engineer Brad Wall explained, “The higher temperatures cause the paving materials to expand, and if you've got any kind of sand, dirt, debris in those cracks created last winter, whenever it expands it heats up and pops out.”

Wall said they are expecting a higher-than-average number of potholes this spring and summer.

“It's definitely a real, tangible cost,” he added, saying the repairs come out of their maintenance budget.

Potholes can put a dent in your personal budget, too.

Ronnie Bridges owns Oak Hollow Tire and Car Care Center in High Point. They’ve had a lot of customers this year with damaged rims or tires because of asphalt cracks and potholes.

Bridges advised, “Always check a tire if you know you've hit something hard because it can bruise the tire. It may not show up today or tomorrow but it may show up in a day or two.”

He also suggests checking tire pressure frequently. Low tire pressure with warmer temperatures can cause a tire to go flat or explode, Bridges said.

They ask drivers to report cracks or potholes. “If there's something unsafe out on a highway system, we need to know it immediately,” Wall said.

If you see a pothole on a state-maintained road, report it to NCDOT at 1-877-368-4968. You can also send in an email request by visiting and selecting your county.

In Greensboro you can report potholes through the “Fix-It Greensboro” application on a smartphone.

In Burlington, you can report potholes by calling 336-222-5024 or visit