NC student upset after being bullied in yearbook

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WILSON, N.C. -- A North Carolina family said their son was bullied by a post in his yearbook, and they want to know why.

WTVD-TV reported that Tyler Miller started the year at James Hunt High School in Wilson. The freshman student said he is angry and saddened by something printed in the school’s yearbook.

In the yearbook, a question was asked to several students: "If you could change one thing about school what would it be?"

The yearbook printed the answers of five different students. One of the answers was “Tyler Miller.”

Miller said the answer is next to one of the boys he says bullied him.

"His self-esteem and image just flattened," said Miller’s mother, Stephanie. "He couldn't take it anymore."

Stephanie pulled Tyler out of the school and homeschooled him for the rest of the year.

"How could it get through administrators," said Tyler. "They got to look through it to make sure everything looks right, and no misspellings, but it still got through somehow."

Tyler's mom doesn't think it was a mistake.

"I don't see how it could have slipped through being they took his picture completely out of alphabetical order and put him in the spot where that comment about himself is directly up under it," said Stephanie.

As for the school, a representative said it's an unfortunate mistake and they regret this error. She said during the layout process Tyler's name was accidently left in the text box and that's not the answer that was given.

As for how Tyler's name was also out of alphabetical order and his picture was placed above the comment, she said that was also a mistake. She says they're reaching out to Tyler's mother to see what can be done.

As for Tyler, while he's hurt, and doesn't want the yearbook that he paid $80 for, he hopes people realize the consequences for their actions.


  • K. Garner

    Where is the accountability of the school system? How bout the printers? Did it not dawn on ANYONE at all that the answers given were a direct strike against someone else? Common sense lacking much?

  • Diane

    The yearbook committee should be fired. Teachers included, students suspended, a recall of all books and reprint done and mailed to students. Failure to return books results in grade failure!
    And these are the people educating our children! Go figure.

    • K.c. Horton

      @Diane a bit Facist of you to say “Failure to return books results in grade failure!” I was with you until that point. The Teacher should be fired, the students suspended, and a recall/reprint offered but not mandatory. Punishing other students for the mistakes of a few and trying to censor what they paid for his very anti free speech which led to the rise of factions like the Nazis. I believe justice should be served but only to those responsible in the production of the yearbook.

      • Steve

        I agree with you K.C. You can’t make it mandatory to return or loss of grade. However, there should be a very in depth look into the specific kids responsible for putting together the year book. It’s obvious this is no accident. I hope a student does come forward to give the school administrators insight into who was responsible and these students should be punished severely.

    • Amber

      The Yearbook is always managed by students that don’t get paid. Also, you shouldn’t get an F just because you didn’t turn in a book you psycho.

  • FaithC

    How did this get past the adults who are supposed to be keeping an eye on things? People need to start doing their job and be held accountable. There needs to be consequences for things like this. Sometimes a “We are sorry” just is not enough.

      • Tiffsmom

        Really!? Why would you even say that about someone else’s comment? It was not rude or out of the way in any manner. Faith is correct in her statement and you Mr Perfect are not by any means perfect and should take a long look at yourself and the kind of person that you are. Shame on you for being a bully yourself with your comments. SMH

  • Dawn

    Tyler don’t worry about those people you hold your head high and I promise you it will ve back to them, and this was not a mistake they are suppost to check that year book out before published tell your mom to go to superattendant of the school board.

    • Repulsive.

      If you are a parent you should be ashamed of yourself for the fact you just spelled “suppost” to instead of supposed to. Did that get past your editor? I thought so… Maybe all of you should take some time out of your day to realize that this book is a HUGE book filled entirely of words and pictures. Many mistakes were made. If you would do some research before blabbing your anonymous mouth behind some social media you would know the facts behind this obvious MISTAKE. The students nor teacher nor adminstrators of this school are responsible for the order the pictures that are on the page. They are not even allowed to move the pictures if they wanted to. Keep Complaining about his name being out of order before you realize that where his name is, is only three spots above where he should be and where the answer to the question is in the empty text box is directly even with where his name should be if in alphabetical order. You that are complaining and demanding reprints honestly make me sick to my stomach knowing that you would want students who did absolutely nothing wrong get punished for a mistake that wasn’t even the schools fault. Think of the school as a whole and not just this one kid that came home upset. All of you know absolutely nothing about the situation and just want to run your incompetent mouths behind some mask.

  • llw

    The school should find out the responsible party for the injustice and deal with that student. This is vindictive not an ERROR. This is poor supervision on the yearbook staff. Where is the accountability? They should be made to make the correction and reprint the yearbook. Let the responsible party pay the cost.

  • Belinda Qather

    She should sue the school plain and simple, make an example of them, if her child did something wrong they would make an example out of him.

    • Steve

      That is the problem with today’s society right there, Belinda. Just SUE! Everyone’s answer to everything. Students responsible should be punished severely. I would like to see an outside entity look into this, not the school system.

  • sad

    It sounds to me as though the school official said that Tyler’s photo was misplaced, along with his name; His name was underneath his photo, in a text box, but it was in the wrong place, in the wrong text box…. it’s possible, I think, that it was a mistake. I see mistakes, typos, etc. all the time, in books with a far larger budget than a school annual. It is sad, though, that Tyler was hurt by this….

    • Daniel

      I think itd be a long shot that its a mistake. I might believe that if the student that made the comment in the year book wasn’t a student that Tyler said had already been bullying him…so it’s very likely that was his actual response to the question. Year book student committee and administrative staff should have omitted his response and never printed it. And Tyler’s photo just by coincidence was “accidently” out of alphabetical order and placed near where this comment was posted. All sounds intentional to me. Shame on student yearbook committee, those students are supposed to be responsible students and set a better example. And shame on administration for not catching it, or catching it and not correcting it. Either way they dropped the ball. Yearbook is a huge publication, and in high school is created primarily by students. It should be examined with a fine tooth comb before approving publication. The school should foot the bill to print corrected yearbooks and require all of the original be returned. Don’t hold it against the students grade though. Tell parents new copies will be sent for the money they already paid. Originals should be returned or parents charged an additional $80 for the extra yearbook. I bet they all get returned that way.

  • Me,Myself and I

    People have made snide remarks all over this site. You all need to cut out your bullying and nasty remarks about other people. You have cut people down and laughed about it! You aren’t any better than the bullies. Stop contradicting yourselves!

  • its my business

    I am 50 and my yearbooks are pecious to me. In this case, I would not order aother one because my pic was out of place to aside the comment I MADE. If I had an issue with the YB commitee, I woukd take it up with them and the Superindendant. I just don’t know what you are trying to gain from this “mishap” as calculated as it may ahve been.

  • its my business

    I hope he has every page of his yearbook signed by friends and teachers. I would have actually called out the page with his pic and his statement on it and had a big big red tab on his yearbook, so people could get to it easily and post their congrats on that page. !!!!

  • FugU

    Ha ha ha ha…what qualifies as “bullying” these days! I wish I had thought of that back in the day! Funny!

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  • Edwaldo

    They said the year book cost $80 the highest it got was $75 so that was a lie. Nobody should get suspended bc of this it was a mistake.

  • Tajh mahal

    Look this is just blown up if any case this will just blow over little does anyone this kid has also picked on a kid in special ed so he can’t be talking

  • Edwaldo

    This is so stupid they over reacted. Nobody really noticed it until this so they can thank there self for this

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