SC rescue squad member accused of using emergency lights to deliver pizza

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Thomas Reid, III

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A South Carolina rescue squad member is accused of misusing his emergency lights — to deliver pizzas.

According to WSOC, Thomas Reid III, one of the squad newest members, attached emergency lights to his own car so he could deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut earlier this week.

A witness called police and told them he saw a car with emergency lights.

Reid denies turning on the lights.

Squad members guilty of first infractions could be suspended for 30 days.

Source: WSOC


  • ConcernedVolunteer

    It is idiots like this that ruin it for the rest of us that actually use these lights for our own safety, for example: on the side of the road to warn incoming traffic. These are the types of people that don’t deserve to be on the departments that they volunteer for. Not all about red lights, its about serving your community and giving back for the ones less fortunate.

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