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NC Senate OKs fracking bill; it could start as early as summer of 2015

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Fracking may begin in North Carolina as early as next summer under a bill passed in a final vote by the N.C. Senate on Thursday. It could be considered by the House as early as next week, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

The bill, known as the Energy Modernization Act, was approved 36-11.

Critics say the bill breaks a promise state lawmakers made — to adopt a full slate of regulations on the new industry before lifting a moratorium on fracking. Supporters say that it is time to let North Carolina join other states in the pursuit of energy independence and jobs from the exploration of natural gas.

Two amendments approved on Thursday deal with concerns about disclosure of trade-secret chemicals used in fracking.

Under the changes, the unlawful disclosure of trade-secret information would be a misdemeanor – no longer a felony. Also, the state geologist, who would be assigned as the holder of trade secret information for public safety, would have to report within five days any chemicals that are on state or federal banned lists.


  • Mark

    Just when I thought the current administration couldn’t get any worse. They may as well give Duke a pass on the coal ash if they’re going to allow dumping more poison in our ground water. Drink up folks, the Governor says the water is safe to drink!

  • Mark

    With all the chemicals in city water you are probably better off drinking the water from the fracking anyway . Besides . What they are pulling out of the ground comes in contact with ground water anyway . Liberal’s have been complaining for a long time that we need to get off of oil . well here is something new !

    • dewey

      it’s not about what they’re pulling out of the ground, it’s the stuff they’re putting INTO the ground that’s concerning….they aren’t just using water to fracture shale, there’s a host of chemicals in there, being injected by man, into the ground…..and then where do you think they dump that waste water when they’re through with it?

    • Mr. Perfect

      “Get off oil” Mark? Liberals want us to be energy dependent! Have you been under a rock or something Mark?

      • Captain Planet

        “Liberals want us to be energy dependent.”? I guess that is why liberals vote for increased fuel mileage for vehicles and the use of renewable energies. Mr. Perfect please go under a rock and never come out.

  • PConners

    Hope somebody figures out how to drink Natural Gas in place of water and I hope everybody’s earthquake insurance is up to date. All for the almighty dollar that will go into some rich mans pocket.

  • Sinner

    allways dumase people, do you really think your gasoline or natural gas for your car and home will come down in cost ? You pay for the companies to pay the politicos to take your money !! DUMASES !!

  • Carre

    Every politician who votes for fracking should be required to live next to a well and drink the water for at least a year.

  • Dumas

    We might as well! we’re on a downward spiral anyways until it’s all gone and everybody is standing around looking stupid and wondering why we didn’t find and invest in alternative green fuels…..stupid is stupid does=NC politicians

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