Getting ready for Memorial Day weekend travel

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Even with gas prices 20 cents higher this year than last year, thousands of drivers in the Piedmont are still hitting the road for Memorial Day weekend.

"We're headed to the beach so I'm excited," said driver Branson O’Hara.

AAA says close to one million drivers in North Carolina are expected to travel by car this weekend -- the highest holiday travel flow since 2005.

Auto repair shops like Steve's Friendly BP on Green Valley Road have been extra busy.

"You might not be able to get in the parking lot," said mechanic Stacey Tolbert.

Because of snow and ice this winter, AAA estimates 13,000 drivers in the state will have automobile break downs.

For the past few weeks, Tolbert says he has been swamped with drivers doing routine maintenance before spending hours behind the wheel.

"Checking brakes, belts, hoses just getting ready for the hot part of the year," he said.

Early preparation that drivers like O’Hara took care of weeks ago.

"I went and got my oil changed, got my tires checked and air pressure and everything, making sure everything's right for the trip," he said.