12-year-old NC boy finds antenna at fatal hit-and-run crime scene

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LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — Police got a big break in the case of a fatal hit-and-run in Lincolnton after a boy found an antennae at the crime scene.

WSOC-TV reported that state troopers are still searching for the driver who struck and killed 53-year-old Sherry Kittle on a Lincoln County road and kept going Wednesday night.

Randy Guardardo, 12, lives nearby, and called 911.

“We were watching TV here in the living room and we heard a loud bang and saw her laying right here in the grass,” Guardardo said.

On Friday, police announced at a press conference that the 12-year-old found an antenna at the crime scene. Police said they didn’t see the piece of evidence during their investigation.

Highway patrolman Kelly Stewart showed WSOC the antennae and shattered pieces of a headlight found by the not far from where Kittle died.

Putting the two together and working closely with a wrecker service out of Conover, the Highway Patrol has been able to narrow down the SUV that struck and killed Kittle.

They have traced the antennae back to one of three models: a Chevy Tahoe, Suburban or Silverado.

At the time of the investigation, police said the hit-and-run vehicle was a white sedan with headlight, front panel and possibly windshield damage.

“This person may be related to you. Someone knows this information and we have a family who has lost their loved one dead and we’ve recovered part of the murder weapon but we are still searching for the vehicle,” Stewart said.

Troopers said there are 1,700 matches in Lincoln County alone, but with the SBI’s help they are working to narrow the list.

They said they would rather the driver come forward and give them a call to tell their side of the story.