Missing U of I student from NC found, reunited with family

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CHICAGO — A University of Illinois student who vanished after going through security at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport last Saturday has been found and reunited with his family, according to a release by police.

Authorities did not say how or where Hye Min “Joseph” Choi was found.

The19-year-old was scheduled to fly from Chicago to PTI in Greensboro on May 17. His bags arrived, but he never did.

United Airlines told police that Choi did not book another flight through them.

Police say his mother picked up his luggage at PTI airport in Greensboro Saturday night.

Earlier in the week, detectives said they believed Choi ran away after “apparently having some problems in school.”

Choi is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in mechanical engineering.

A school administrator confirmed that Choi attended Northwest Guilford High School, where he graduated fourth in his class.


  • DL

    This is crazy, he has had his parents worried senseless and also has used tax payers money that could have been used for other more urgent needs.

      • Suzie Dillon Collins

        Were police not looking for him??? Does taxpayer money not pay police salary?? He needs his butt busted for pulling such a stunt…over grades none the less… If one of mine pulled that kind of stunt, they wouldn’t be sitting down for days… Can you imagine what his parents were going through.. Totally ridiculous

      • jastin Bieltz

        Please dony twll me you need someone to point out the obvious to you…. I forogt our police men and women now take monopoly money to do their jobs…. idiot. Get with reality Raven YOungblood lol

  • Lm

    Asian kids are super smart, Asian parents have rediculously high expectations for their kids! If he had a B or C grade or was failing he was probably afraid to face his parents! Asian do spank their kids but in a different manor than Americans do! I speak from experience! I feel kinda bad for the kid, but he is 19 and should just face his family instead of worrying his parents!

    • jastin Bieltz

      Im confused. What point where you trying to make? Or where you just listing of personal beliefs as facts? You just stated points that mean nothing o this article.

      • larataylor23

        His relevant point is that Asian parents, generally speaking, have high academic expectations for their children and dole out severe punishments when those expectations are not met. Thus, the young man was likely afraid of facing his parents, leading him to the ridiculous idea to disappear from the airport. All speculative, of course, No one here knows what other factors may have contributed to the situation. Certainly won’t stop anyone from posting ignorant ramblings so riddled with typos and grammatical imperfections that they’re barely coherent.

  • odb

    It’s amazing how all these ‘experts’ read 1 paragraph and have perfect solutions to something they have no actual facts about, do you comment on these boards to read your own expert commentary?

  • M. Butler

    The comment about using taxpayers money is because there was public effort made to locate him and determine if “foul” play was involved. The police and others were involved to assist in solving the mystery of his wherabouts. It would have been easier and less costly if the student had faced the diifficulties regarding his grades, as is impled, yet not confirmed in the news article. In any case, the primary point of concern is that the student was reunited with his family and is safe!

    • David Park

      Are you serious? Its not like they’re not paying tax, you are one ignorant being. Can you say the samething if it was a white or black kid? Wdf

  • Faye Farlow

    Judge and jury? We do not know all the story.It was wrong sure but as a mother of not so perfect children I know she was elated to find him and that he was not harmed!

  • larataylor23

    Presumably the point she was trying to make is the same as the point she did make, which is that we don’t know all of the facts and thus shouldn’t be judging the young man or the situation, as many commenters have. The important thing, as Faye pointed out, is that the young man is safe and his mother (and presumably his father too) are likely elated that he’s home safe.

  • Jeremy Worksalot

    Actually we didn’t waste money looking for him cops that were already on duty used there time which is what there paid to do to investigate now if they were to say hire 3 new cops because of this kid they would have been wasting tax payer money but at worst he gave the cops something to do while at work instead of sitting inside a gas station or on the side of the road really wasting our money

  • Frank-Sinner

    Told you people from the start he just needed a little time and some R and R !! Lot of pressure on some young people they can’t all be on Prozac and alcoholics !!

  • David Park

    You guys should just get off the internet and learn about Asians in real life. i am a friend of him and his family, they do not hit their children. They live regular normal American life. Yeah, joseph’s parent do have the high expectation from him cause he earns it. He graduated 4th of his class, any parent would have high expectation in those cases. Y’all should just shut up and not speak.

  • Joe

    Send his family the bill for the the police man-hours spent looking for this kid, he needs a good spanking!!

    • dewey

      here’s the thing…he isn’t a kid, he’s a 19 year old grown man…..why is it when they disappear, they’re kids, but when they kill someone they’re adults??

  • Autumn

    I am completely appalled at the lack of regard of the situation at hand and lack of regard for the family during such an extremely nerve racking experience. The utilization of racist comments says a lot about the people of this community. You should be rejoicing at his safe return rather than chiding him on the situation saying he deserves to be “spanked”. As the article is right there, they have clearly not yet found out the cause of his disappearance, and the cause could be very well justified. So stop with the absurd “tax payer” arguments, as searching for missing persons is a job of policemen and their duty. And the fact that you guys have the gall to comment such racist remarks under this where the family and others can very well see, signed with your names is absolutely asinign and ridiculous. You are adults. Act like it. Become informed on what you are talking about and have common courtesy for others. I hope you guys realize how low you’ve stooped with your comments, and are stunned by how you just got schooled by a teenager who, if I do say so myself is obviously leagues above you as the comments you have made would’ve never crossed my mind in my entire life. I would never be so conceded, disillusioned or narrow minded. I hope you all rethink what you have posted and apologize to the family, as well as congratulate them on his safe return. Happy Birthday Joseph, I’m glad you made it home safely.
    Much love,
    Autumn Puckett.

  • Hatter

    Autumn, the word you were looking for is “conceited”, I think. And, why do you assume you are the only teenager commenting here and all the others are adults??

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