Epic proposal video takes 4 years and trips to 26 countries to make

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MISSOULA, Mont. — This might just be the most epic, well-thought-out marriage proposal in history.

On Sept. 30, 2010, Jack Hyer and Rebecca Strellnauer, both students at the University of Montana, went on their first date. The date went so well that afterward, Hyer wrote in his travel journal, “I’m going to marry this girl, eventually.”

Well it turns out he ended up being right.

Since writing those seven words in his travel journal nearly four years ago, Hyer traveled to 26 counties and, in the process, put together a video of himself lip-syncing The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from all over the world.

After the couple graduated from UM last Saturday, Hyer tricked Strellnauer into thinking they were going to watch his “graduation slideshow,” at which time he showed her the epic video.

“I’ve been on many adventures. I’ve traveled on elephant, on camelback, hiked to the lowest point on the earth and I’ve gotten to see some of the highest,” he said after the video finished. “But the best adventure I’ve had is loving ‘Becca.”

He then pulled out the ring, dropped to a knee and proposed to his overwhelmed, teary-eyed bride to be.

As you can imagine, the answer was an emphatic “Yes!”


  • Whatever.

    He didn’t even lip-sync right. You’d think he could have learned the words, given the 4 years he spent mouthing them all over the globe. I couldn’t believe the overwrought gasping coming from the woman who filmed the proposal… lol the guy just seemed attention-seeking to me, bellowing out his proposal over the shouts of the other patrons of the establishment, lol. :) Their wedding will probably look like a circus.

    • Stop BEING a Debbie Downer

      The point is he went out the way. You are such a Debbie Downer. I can tell you have no friends nor a real life. Get your panties out of a bunch. And be happy for others at least once. Geesh.

      • Whatever.

        lol Thank you for that valuable contribution to the conversation. :D If you look up the video online, you will see the vast majority of the comments made by others are very similar to the comment I made. Most women would not appreciate having their marriage proposal bellowed at them in the presence of a bunch of hollering people. :D I love how you make a bunch of assumptions about me, based on my critique of this “man’s” lip-synching skills… lol I am happy for her, if that’s what she wants. I’ve been married for 26 years, and I can tell you that if my hubby had shouted out a proposal in front of God-knows-who after making a goofy video of his world travels, I would not be married to him today. lol I’m not even gonna respond to your “no friends, no life” comment. lol. :) And Gwen, I don’t think the word “romantic” means what you think it means. ;)

  • Gwen Caldwell

    I think this was romantic way of asking some one to marry you took 4 years to make sure she was the right one for you and apparently she felt the same way. Mg husband never hit down in one knee , good luck to you guys from TEXAS

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