Alamance Co. Commissioners vote to include prayer at meetings

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GRAHAM, N.C. — The Alamance County Board of Commissioners has voted to include prayer as part of their public meetings.

The Burlington Times-News reported that Commissioner Bill Lashley moved during a board meeting Monday to have the board conduct opening prayers. The board unanimously supported the motion.

The move revokes an invocation policy adopted in 2012, which had required prayer not be listed or recognized as part of public business.

The move to include prayer was in direct response to a recent Supreme Court ruling that prayers used to open town council meetings in Greece, N.Y., don’t violate the U.S. Constitution, according to the paper.



  • FaithC

    Will they be representing all religions? Do all religions get a turn at leading the prayer if they want? I hope so, that is the only way it is fair.

    • What?

      Take a look at your money. Mine all says “In God We Trust”. That is what I believe this great U.S. of A. was founded on and if the country continues to turn it’s back on God it won’t be good. Take a look at some other countries who have and look where they are now.

  • Sarah

    Agree with FaithC… And I can only imagine the stink it would cause if someone attempted to include a non-Christian prayer. I think this is just opening the door to a lawsuit at some point. Pray in private, folks. It doesn’t have to be a big show at a government meeting.

  • davecortes

    You could always pray in your car on the way over there…or pray while walking up to the meeting…or in your seat. Oh wait, there’s a possibility no one would notice you “being good” then. Forget that.

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