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Woman accused of driving children into ocean in March gives birth

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Ebony Wilkerson

VOLUSIA COUNTY, S.C. — The South Carolina mother accused of trying to kill her three kids by driving her van into the ocean in Daytona Beach, Fla., in March has given birth to another child.

Ebony Wilkerson, 32, has already turned the baby over to family members.

Wilkerson was charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder as a result of the incident in March.

Attorneys are attempting to prove that Wilkerson has a psychotic disorder. Based on statements made by Wilkerson’s sister, Wilkerson may have thought she was protecting the children from “demons” and “taking them to a better place.”

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    Has 3 and has had another. Is there a father or fathers in all this? Maybe now she is in jail she will take a break from baby making.

  • Luvtheday

    Welfare, uneducated moocher! Sleeping with men for what reason? If she didn’t want kids, she needs to refrain from sexual relationships! Her tubes should be tied!

      • Luvtheday

        Hey ignoramus….concentrate on what she almost did….trying to kill her kids! Whether she is mental or not, she knew what she was doing! She was able to get them ready for the day and drive her van…she wasn’t so incoherent where she forgot how to drive the van! She knew exactly where she wanted to go! Why don’t you visit her in jail, kiss and hug her and tell her that everything will be alright!

      • Learnthelaw

        It’s ok luvtheday.I know with your illness it’s hard to comprehend her actions and what mental illness is. We can work through this. I would recommend you visit

      • Luvtheday

        I am a healthcare professional who deals with people who have mental incapacities. I have been in the medical field for 35 years! So many people use mental illness as a scapegoat….what is your excuse lowlife?

  • L.T. Clinard

    Scary that she could not get help before this happened . She was clearly in need and her family was trying . Thanks to the men who saved her children.

  • April

    No she was running away from her abusive husband, I know them, but your right she shouldn’t have done that, fully agree

  • Jennifer

    Praying for the children. Uneducated welfare moocher??? Where was it stated that she was on welfare or that all of the children didn’t have the same father? The children are the victims of a mentally unstable Mother who should have never been left alone to care for them. Don’t add anything that you can’t prove in print. One day, the children may have access to all of your stupid, uneducated comments.

    • lexibelle87

      I hate to burst your bubble of intelligence faith but I have you to know I am a “black” with a education and not on welfare or any other type of assistance. Sorry but your stereotype isn’t correct according to a “black” who should be on welfare according to you.

  • Suzanne

    Jennifer, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s a shame our society is unaware of what mental illness means. If she is hallucinating and hearing voices, she is not doing it on purpose. It’s a biochemical disorder. She clearly wasn’t appropriately treated for her conditions at the time this happened. It’s wonderful her children survived. It’s unfortunate those close to her could not identify the signs of her mental illness sooner and get her help. Please google schizophrenia, if you don’t understand this woman’s condition. She has no control over it, it’s a disease that takes over certain brain functions and makes people believe things that others know are not real. Psychoses can also exhibit these symptoms. Ignorance is not bliss, if everyone could identify these symptoms before people act on them, children and others would be safer and patients would be mentally healthier because they could be treated before going into the criminal justice system.

  • MyWord

    Pretty harsh judgments. Perhaps some of your wrath could be spent on the man who raped and abused her, instead of loving her and caring for her.

  • Ashley

    THANK GOD she handed that little baby over to family members!!!!!! that lady needs to be put away……

  • lexibelle87

    I am saddened to know how cold peoples hearts are. I am not minimizing the trauma this caused the children I pray for them. However I can understand when someone has a issue that can’t be helped without treatment. A mentally ill person can’t understand they need treatment that is what family and friends are for to acknowledge it and get them help. Smh and frowning down and such disgraceful comments.

    • lexibelle87

      Individuals in the medical field deal with all races, religions, mentalities, as well as those unstable mentally. With your accusations I find it hard to believe you have dealt with anyone in your lifetime that didn’t walk like you, talk like you, or look like you with some type of decency. I too have dealt with those with mental instabilities as well as worked in the health care field dealing with patients. People choose you health care providers wisely.

      • Luvtheday

        First of all, you have no clue who you are talking to…..when in the medical field, stupid, one has to adapt and adjust to anything and everything! You should hear what caregivers say about ignorant people! I have heard doctors and surgeons get so angry over lowlife people who couldn’t care less about other people. The operating rooms and emergency rooms are the places people talk…..idiots use the E.R.’s for basic things, not for emergencies! Doctors and nurses are treated the worse by scumbags with welfare! Working 15 hours to save the life of a drunk driver whose victims are in the morgue is not enjoyable! Yeah, people, think twice before you use and abuse the system using your welfare cards and bringing in your illigetimate children who are playing on the dirty floor, making messes while you sit there texting your friends. What comes around, goes around! Oh, by the way, don’t forget to thank your nurses and doctors for their free time….they don’t get paid when they care for the indigents!

      • lexibelle87

        I know who I am talking to…….. someone who is in need of prayer. I will pray that you never become one who is down and out in need of any type of help. Never forget it is a blessing to have the abilities to pay your bills, feed your children and live a healthy life. One unfortunate event can push you into being one of those very people you speak of. God bless you.

  • lexibelle87

    Oh yes and stupid I’m not. Stupid would be someone with thoughts like yours. Because it’s stupid to clump all broke people in one category. Life is complex something in which you would know nothing about. You never know someone’s story by looking at the welfare cards they use. Not to mention as a caregiver I not once said or heard anyone say anything disrespectful to those that were in need of care. I have nothing else to say to such ignorance. Peace and blessings.

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