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This kid makes Michael Jackson’s hologram look bad, wins high school talent show

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TURLOCK, Calif. — A student at Pitman High School in California stole the show at his school’s talent show with his rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit “Billie Jean.”

Brett Nichols, a junior at Pitman High, even nails the moonwalk to take home the top prize.

Brett’s performance was so impressive and has been viewed so many times online that it even got the attention of Michael Jackson’s estate.

TMZ reports that the Jackson estate offered an invitation for Brett and his family (mom, dad and sister) to all attend a performance of Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas.

Note: Skip to 1:11 in the video to watch his performance.


  • Suzette Scheuermann PHD RN

    I think the kid is awesome. Congratulations for taking the risks! You will be a strong force for the future. Anyone that cannot give this kid kuddos is just suffering from their own poor self concept. Grow up!

  • Melissa

    Wow! And such guts to do this in front of your school. How many of us would have had the courage (let along the talent) to do that? Brave and exceptional!

  • that guy

    I love all the people that are being crappy because they’re butthurt that they possess no talent whatsoever. GG, this kid is great

  • slawson

    He was very good, and his moon walk was incredible. Wow…I can’t imagine how many hours he practiced. Good job. Hope Ellen has him on her show.

  • shdwx

    This boy is absolutely fantastic!!! He was working those feet and that Moonwalk was smoooth. Lol. Bet he got some numbers after that

  • Alberto

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    Do we really need nine year old girls walking around
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