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SC mom charged after son kidnapped after he was left in SUV

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GREENVILLE, S.C. (WHNS) — The mother of a boy who was abducted after she left him in her SUV running to go into a store has been charged, according to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said on May 16, 33-year-old Edith Alvarado, of Greenville, stopped at the La Esperanza Bakery on North Pleasantburg Drive and went into the store, leaving her 3-year-old son in the SUV.

Lt. Ty Miller said the car was left running and unlocked while she was in the store and someone jumped into the vehicle, stealing it with her son still inside.

The 3 year old was found a short time later on the side of Sammons Road at Rivercrest Drive in the Taylors area of Greenville County still strapped to the car seat, Miller said.

Miller said deputies learned through their investigation that the child was consciously left in the vehicle running and unlocked with the sleeping child inside.

“Alvarado’s actions caused her child ill treatment, unnecessary pain and suffering and/or deprivation of necessary sustenance or shelter,” Miller said in a release.

Alvarado’s husband spoke with FOX Carolina on Tuesday afternoon and said that he was confused about everything. He said that he and his wife would do anything for their children and that in just moments last week, his life went from perfect to crazy.

He said that he works mornings and Edith works nights so that they can be with their children and that his wife would never do anything to harm them.

Alvarado was charged with cruelty to children, Miller said. She was released from the detention center on $1,093 bond.

Greenville County deputies said Perry Joe Anthony, 29, of Greenville, was charged with kidnapping, driving under suspension third offense, habitual offender, grand larceny and failure to stop for blue lights in connection with the vehicle theft and abduction on Friday.


  • Angie

    Good!! She better thank her lucky stars her child was found alive and well. A lot of the things happening to children are completely preventable if their parents were doing what they are supposed to do! I’m glad they are holding her accountable!!

    • ilovemykids

      @yay…actually you shouldn’t leave your kids in the car EVER! Anyone can break a window to kidnap a child, so as a parent why would you risk that? This lady is lucky her child was found safe and alive. What if that car thief was a pedophile too? She should count her lucky stars her child is safe and alive. We live in different times these days….not like it used to be. There are way too many pedophiles, rapists, thieves and so on around. Why risk the safety of your child because you are too lazy to take them inside w/ you? If they are sleeping, don’t go or wake them. As a parent, you ALWAYS have to protect your children b/c that is your job!

  • Fay

    I don’t care who you are,,at one time in your life as a mother you have put your child in danger of something,,,,they said caused the child pain and suffering ,,what the hell is it going to do to the child if she goes to prison,,,,,,,,there is no chance in hell she would ever do it again,,,

    • Suzie Dillon Collins

      You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you??? I can guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have NEVER done anything to put my children in danger. It is a parent’s RESPONSIBILITY to ensure they are not placed in dangerous situations. There is NO excuse for leaving a child in the car. When mine were younger, if I pumped gas, they stood there with me then went into the store WITH me to pay… If they were asleep then tough stuffin muffin, they were awakened and went into the store with me. The child is lucky to still be alive and in my opinion the mother gave up ANY AND ALL rights to ever even see that child again when she walked away from the car with the child in it.

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