Caleb Johnson wins 13th season of American Idol

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LOS ANGELES -- North Carolina's Caleb Johnson has won the 13th season of American Idol, beating out runner-up Jena Irene.

Johnson's powerful performances helped to put him over the top.

With the win, Johnson, of Asheville, makes North Carolina the state with the most American Idol winners (Fantasia Barrino in 2004 and Scotty McCreery in 2011).

Prior to this season, North Carolina was tied with Alabama (Ruben Studdard in 2003 and Taylor Hicks in 2006) with two winners each.

During the finale, Irene performed with the group Paramore.


      • Adorruan

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  • Donna L

    The right person won. Caleb is the best AI singer to come around since Carrie Underwood. Caleb will be a superstar. The voters got it right and I am so happy for him!

    • Lorine

      Yep, Jena is the most talented! Caleb is a no class cover singer. He will ride on the excitement wave for a while, but will fade into the woodwork unless he does something more than mimic rock and roll poses and call his fans names…he will drive off into the sunset with his baby brother in his new mustang. You can only fool people for a little while.

  • anne

    Awesome entertainment! Music soothes the soul. Couldn’t imagine living without it. Both winners will become stars!

  • Laura P

    I have to correct you on the amount of winners that North Carolina has had, though? We have had 4, to be exact…Caleb Johnson, Fantasia Barrino , Scotty McCreery , and lets not forget Clay Aikens, also.

  • Once loyal American Idol fan

    I’m so very disappointed in American Idol!
    And to have someone as the “New American Idol” who is so “arrogant & juvenile” and can make comments and calling fans “”retards”….that is such an offensive comment!!!
    I think he should have been voted off but what can you expect, but if he can make comments once he will do it again.
    I guess, as a once a loyal American Idol fan from the begging , no longer!
    I will be watching something different as it has really gone downhill every year!
    I use to look forward to the show every season; now it’s just boring and all the standards, morals and talent are just not their either.

  • Bo Diddley

    How did this son of Meatloaf become an American Idol? Apparently, being fat, and looking disheveled is what we are striving for…

  • guest

    I think its BS. He’s good don’t get me wrong, but he sounds like every other rock star. They needed someone different. Jena was different and had an amazing voice. I think it was fixed; he doesn’t even look like an american idol. He will probably be one of the ones that don’t even do anything anyways. Only winners that have actually done something is; Scotty Mccreery, Carry Underwood, Kelly Clarkson.

      • guest

        Scotty Mccreery is a typical country singer; only person who he comes close to sounding like is Josh Turner; hes got a different voice. Carry Underwood, okay shes a country singer, sounds different from all the rest. Kelly Clarkson, Pop Singer, Has her own unique voice. Jena has a unique voice, then you have Caleb who sounds like every other rock star. Not talking about a genre at all. I’m talking about the voices.

  • Joe

    Why is this news Fox *, I canrt believ you devote time on your news station and the website on matters such as this, more important issues are happening in the Triad and around the world that have a far greater impact on us all. yes I have watched the show and it is very eneteraining but does it really need coverage on the news?

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