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Mother accused of stabbing, killing three young daughters

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CALIFORNIA — A mom in Southern California is facing murder charges after her three daughters were found dead in their Torrance-area home, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

The children’s ages range from 2 months to 3 years.

Three little girls were found stabbed to death at a home on May 20.(Via Facebook)

Three little girls were found stabbed to death at a home on May 20.(Via Facebook)

Family members told sheriff’s deputies that the mother, 30-year-old Carol Coronado, had killed her children.

CNN affiliate KTLA reported that the children were found lying in a pool of blood on a bed with their mother. She was naked and holding a knife, investigators told KTLA.

The discovery was made by Coronado’s mother, who had stopped by to visit her granddaughters, the affiliate said.

Coronado was arrested and taken to a local hospital for examination before being taken to the sheriff’s station in Carson for booking, a sheriff’s statement said.


  • Moses

    her kids were just a big problem to her; they problem got in the way of her night life and all the fun she wanted to have

    • Tberryjack

      Wow! What station did you watch? I didn’t hear or read ANYTHING about her kids getting in the way of her night life or that she missed her freedom or ANYTHING like that. Looks like Moses above ALL people wouldn’t jump to such conclusions. I’ll bet she was wishing she was living in NC and didn’t have enough money for all of them to move here. Now that’s just as stupid as your remark. Let’s wait until we find out if the woman was on some meds that might have messed up her thought process or if she was mentally ill even before she had any children, or something else. It amazes me how people always jump to judge others not knowing ANYTHING about the situation. Yes it’s awful, that was 3 beautiful little girls that she took the life from, but what about these women that murder their children before they are born when they are even MORE helpless than these were. You same people pat them on the back and say that’s fine, we understand you made the right decision, they would have just gotten in your way. Life being taken from anyone is horrible especially a baby, born or unborn.

      • Lorraine

        Well said! Someone speaking up for the unborn….and for the sanctity of life itself….no matter where that life may be – in the body of the mother or in this present world!. In the beginning God created life and life begins at the moment of conception.

      • Rocky

        Let’s put all of our energy torwards the lives lost and the family left behind that has to deal with this nightmare forever, while we all move on to next tragedy. To be talking about abortion topic now is not appropriate. These kids deserve all of our prayers and respect. I did extra work tonight and what money I made is going to family to help with funeral costs. Time to do the human thing and let the police handle the investigation.

      • Brandy

        I just have to say that I really appreciate that, I wish there was a way to put that on T.V. about the abortion and pats on the back, it does make me and Im sure many others think..

      • Tberryjack

        There were a few good “Replies” to my comment, one wrote that we should pray for the babies here, well that’s kinda too late, but we SHOULD Pray for the Daddy and the Grandparents, especially for the woman’s mother that found them the way she did. I can’t imagine the pain, disbelief and heartbreak she must have felt when she first saw and realized what her daughter had done. And what she is going through now, and with the Dad being right there working on his car not knowing what was going on inside at the time and then rushing in when he heard the Grandmother scream and then him seeing what his wife had done to his precious little girls. All of his hopes and dreams for them was gone in an instant. Yes they all need our prayers, it would be hard to recover from something like that, I believe. Thanks for all of you that gave good INTELLIGENT Replies.

    • mark

      Clearly their are mental health issues at play that no one commenting here can even come close to understanding. So please stop making stupid comments because it makes you sound stupid. All I know is I feel for the grandmother and can only hope the children didn’t suffer too much.

      • Brandy

        I don’t think abortion was an issue, just association… but as for mental illness I agree, most killings
        stem from mental issues… and drugs… I also agree to put the family in our prayers, May God be with their father and family;

  • Mark Stabler

    The most inaccurate part of this story occurred in the first sentence when it stated that a “Mom in Southern California is facing murder charges”. It should have said a “Monster”.

    • Kim

      Couldn’t agree more with this statement!! Mothers protect their children, not kill them!! Just because some CAN have children…. doesn’t mean some SHOULD!!!

  • cherbear

    That’s no mother. Why didn’t she kill herself. SELFISH! She wanted to be free of those babies.

  • hi

    I’m not defending her, but a lot of women go through post partum depression or even psychosis. If she had just had a baby 2 months ago, that could be what’s going on. She should have been seeing a doctor. It still doesn’t forgive what she did.

    • pat

      My thoughts exactly more than likely this is post partnum depression what so many mother’s suffer from. Baby 2 months dead give away! It’s sad but unfortunately she maybe sick. …

    • Alexandria

      I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old and I had post partum depression and I never once though about hurting my babies and I am only 19 years old. I was 14 when i got pregnant with my first son and never though about abortion adoption or anything and shes 30 she could have handeled it. no excuses, 3 poor little babies did not deserve to go through that pain of getting stabbed nad sure as hell didn’t deserve to die.

      • Jane

        Alexandria, thank you for sharing your own experiences. However, post partum depression and post partum psychosis are not the same thing. Psychosis is much, much worse. You hear voices in your head urging you to kill your children, and you can’t stop them or the terrible urge to kill your own children. It is very, very frightening. What this poor mother desperately needed was medical help, and strong antipsychotic drugs.
        My guess is she got none, just the poor grandmother who arrived too late to prevent the tragedy.

      • Tberryjack

        I’m happy for you Alexandria that everything came out with you’re problems OK, but that said, in real life two people can have the exact same problem and it effect both completely different. That goes from a Mental problem or a Slipped Disc. The pain YOU feel with a broken thumb may not be what the next person feels with the exact same break. IF and I say IF the woman had PPD she may have had a different reaction a different feeling than you did. Oh sometimes, even most of the time there are symptoms that’s the same but sometimes someone feels something differently, it may even hurt them in a different was althgether, and these differences can make a BIG difference. I’m PROUD of YOU for deciding to KEEP your child at your young age, many don’t, you’re a smart young woman for that, and be thankful Your PPD didn’t bother you anymore than it did.

    • jen

      I agree 100%. I bet anything she was suffering PPD which led to postpartum psychosis. Its a very fine line and having suffered with PPD for a year undiagnosed myself, I can tell you its a fine line and in no way means she’s a bad mother. Hormones will make a person do crazy things

    • Natalie

      She was NOT “CRAZY” that’s just a quick & easy answer! Those babies r my little cousins ppl need 2 STOP MAKING EXCUSES 4 HER!

      • Tberryjack

        Natalie, if they were your cousins, I’m VERY SORRY for your whole family and I’m praying for the whole family as I’m sure a lot of people on here and around the country are. Of course none of us know what went on or why she did what she did and a lot of people are guessing that don’t have any idea. I know that you and your family are hurting because of it, but no one knows what was going on inside her head at the time, there had to be something that no one had noticed or thought was that bad, because I don’t think the Daddy or even the Grandmother of those little girls would have left them alone with her if he had any idea she would do something like that. I know that we’d all feel differently if it was our family this had happened in and of course her family will probably feel differently than his family about why she did what she did. It’s a VERY Sad thing to have happened no matter what the reason.

  • pattym

    “mom” NO, Moms protect and nurture their kids, she did none of this..I had post partum depression but I NEVER EVER wanted to harm my babies!!!!

    • tanya slocumb

      I agree, she was sick. No excuses. This is why babies are meant to be born in a supportive environment. Lots of women do it alone. Its no easy task. Just because some do it doesnt mean all can do it. Her babies were born too close together. Family and drs should have been asking these questions specifically. RIP little ones.

    • sallyP

      Lucky you! There are many women who suffer from PPD who do have feeling like that.They see it as saving their babies from monsters or demons. Some are suicidal. It is a brain chemistry issue. You cannot “will” it away.

    • Hatter

      Guess what, pattym — everyone’s not just like you. Consider yourself fortunate you were not as ill as this poor woman is, and stop JUDGING.

  • Renota

    This is a tragedy, this mother was taken over by demonic imposes.To thi.k thst your selfish desires could cause you to do,this horrendous act.Three innocent children lost their lives, did’nt someone notice syrange behavior in this woman.All.of us know the symptoms, no husband,no money ,lack.of eduction,but more important no help,the responsibility was to much and the consequences,were grave.

    • Hatter

      She had a husband. It’s bad enough you can’t spell or form proper sentences, but apparently you can’t even comprehend what you hear. Oh, let me guess — you didn’t even bother to watch or listen to the video.

      • Nella

        My exact thoughts on their post. How can you mention education in the same graph that you have nothing but multiple, simple, no brainier spelling errors. Then place a judgement one the lady (lack of money, no husband or education) when you obviously paid no attention to the reading or video. Some people just look for a place to place an opinion haha

  • danielle

    This country is failing to help people with mental illnesses. Including depression! I have 5 kids, walked into a place the county referred me to and ý turned me away because I didn’t have an extra 600 a month to pay them. Mind you I had all 5 of my kids with me! I have been struggling ever since to manage my depression by myself while I try to come up with the money to get help. You don’t know what this woman may have done to try and get help, if maybe she asked her mom to take the girls because she was depressed and like most people do she shot her down and said you can handle it, you’re stronger than this, get over it. She now has to live with the fact she killed her babies her whole world probably because she couldn’t get the help she needed. Does she deserve to be charged for this? Yes of course. But the way this country is being run is the real issue here! Stop helping other countries and help our own!

    • pat

      I am sorry to hear this maybe you can apply for medicaid in your county job and family services office.

  • Nicole Emerson

    this is so sad if people want to have fun then they should not have kids at all if all they are going to do is kill them there are some women out in this world who want to have kids but cant have kids because of health problems people who are parents should count there blessing everyday not kill their own child or childern and love there kids

  • Ashley

    im am so sick of stupid people hurting sweet innocent children!!!!!!everytime i come on this website there is a story about someone abusing or killing these innocent little children!!!!!!!!its horrible and it has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is why i dont and wont put my daughter in a daycare, you cant trust anyone, i love my lil girl more than anything and would do anything in the world for her, i dare someone try to hurt her, it would be the last thing they ever did, sad thing about all this is sometimes these poor innocent children are harmed by the very ones that are suppose to protect them, just horrible!!

  • Kianna

    She wasn’t going through any type of depression or anything. All she wants is for someone too feel sorry for what she has done she could have killed her her self instead of taking it out on the 3 little kids. I think this is someone who should be put away behind bars just like any one else she ain’t no better than the rest of us. Why have’em if you got kill’em they deserved to live their live just like you. Ignorances!!

  • Hatter

    It’s amazing how many stupid people comment here. I’m surprised some of you can read and write/type. This woman is obviously MENTALLY ILL. You idiots actually think a woman takes a knife and stabs to death three beautiful little baby girls in her own bed just to be mean or so she can go out and party?? I am truly shocked that you people can even get yourselves dressed in the mornings or wipe the drool from your own mouths. The level of stupid…. there are just no words to describe.

      • Hatter

        ILOVEMYKIDS: NOPE – not even nearly enough said. Those two cases have absolutely nothing to do with the other. This mother was not out partying. And, Casey Anthony was sick, too – just a different kind of sick. Get your head out of your a** and stop painting all mentally ill people with the same broad brush. By the way, I love MY kids, too!

    • Lorraine

      Hatter, There is a level of ignorance and extreme misplaced judgment here that is almost incomprehensible! But then people show their ignorance, cowardice and unsolicited judgments – not to mention the degradation of the English language – when they are ‘hiding’ behind the electronics of our day and age. It is a fact that this mother absolutely without a doubt has a severe, possibly undiagnosed, mental illness, very possibly triggered by postpartum depression.. NEVERTHELESS….nothing, aside from the necessary evil of war, excuses the taking of life whether in or out of the womb….let alone the evil perpetrated against the innocence of helpless children!

  • Thomas Noell

    In the wake of acquittals of child-killers Casey Anthony and Andrea Yates, should we be surprised at yet another case of mothers murdering their own children?

    • sallyP

      Andrea Yates had sought help. She had told people her inner demons and fears and they were ignored. She asked her husband for help and he ignored her and went against the dr’s orders to not have more children and yet they had number 5. The husband and the mental health professionals killed her children as surely as she did.

      • Jane

        Agree sallyp. Andrea Yates suffered from post partum depression after her first child. After each birth, it got worse. The doctor warned she should NOT have any more kids, because it could turn into a full blown psychosis. The husband ignored the doctor’s advice and demanded another child. Arrogant fool. Sure enough, her fifth birth caused full blown psychosis, just as the doctor had warned. Her brain chemistry was severely altered, so she couldn’t think or feel normally. That’s why those five children died.

  • Joice

    There is something here that doesn’t ring true to me. If her mother found her that evening when she stopped by to visit her grandchildren and if the woman’s husband was outside working on the car all this time…would he not have heard screaming inside the house? Maybe she muffled the cries with hand over mouth or something else. OK..Then isn’t it odd that the husband did not go inside for a thirst quencher or a bathroom break in all that time? It just baffles me. If anyone has a reasonable answer, I would like to hear it. Please.

    • Jane

      Joice, maybe she killed the Kids very quickly. Let’s hope, for their sake, it was quick. If dad had the engine running, or music playing, I can uunderstand it was possible not to hear anything. And if their deaths were quick, they didn’t have time to cry out. This is why every new mother should be screened for part partum psychosis, with free health care and treatment, to make sure this type of tragedy never happens aagain.

  • sallyP

    This woman is mentally ill. You can all say how you have been depressed but would never do such a thing. Go read some books and studies on mentally ill people. Be glad you didnt struggle with demons like this woman. I wonder too how supportive her husband or family was. Did she ask for help? Was it brushed aside like so often it is when it comes to depression and mental illness? A mentally ill person’s reality is not ours. You cannot imagine their reality because it isn’t based in this world. Brain chemicals do crazy things to a person. No different than a perosn high on drugs or dead drunk. Except that a mentally ill person has no choice in being so. You can’t just will away mentall illness. It is truly a most tragic situation. As a society we should stop stigmatizing mental illness and provide better care and access to care. These poor little girls would still be here then.

  • kadja1

    If she was going through anything like Paula Yates went through when she drowned her 8 kids, somebody should be in jail with her. It is to early to judge the mom after what we know of that case. Paula’s ex and doctor took her off of her meds knowing she heard voices and had suicidal tendencies. She also told them she heard voices that told her to kill her children but social services said there wasn’t enough evidence to intervene in order to put them all in preventative day care until the husband came home from work every day. We all know what happened after that, but her ex and the doctor should have went to prison with her as far as I’m concerned. The whole family tried to intervene at various points–and that never was reported on…

  • kadja1

    BTW I am not saying anyone in this woman’s family is at fault, but that clearly was the case to a lot of us out here when it comes to the Yates case.

  • Robert Maule

    Sometimes people kill just to kill. No reason or understanding they just do. Everyone wants to give a reason for her actions but in truth we may never truly come to terms with her and the deeds she has done. But I guess that’s to easy an answer most of you need a reason as to why she would ever do those things to her children. Hope for you and those like you that you come to terms on her.

  • tabitharaye

    After I had my daughter, I thought someone was trying to poison me. I would pour out drinks and food if I walked away or thought tampered with. I didnt want to kill my baby, BUT I really felt like someone was trying to poison me. I could not control it. So I told my doctor and they said I needed meds because there was something wrong and they could fix it. I was SO relieved…….. but guess what? I thought the doctor was trying to poison me so I would not take the meds.

  • Amber

    Every woman knows their struggles. She had to have known something wasn’t right. You just don’t wake up and brutally stab all 3 innocent babies to death. When she realizes what she has done I bet she’ll want to die. Any mother wouldn’t be able to live knowing that they murdered their 3 precious girls. If she doesn’t have any remorse then she’s just crazy and a cold blooded murderer. This is why every mother should be educated on postpartum prior to leaving the hospital . R.I.P little loves

  • thatruth

    This isn’t an mental health issue its an killing issue ,White man or woman kill family they have to be or was in some kind of mental break down ,Black man or woman kill anybody their animals and need to be killed on the spot .

  • lexi

    What happened is sooooo sad !!!! For all you negative people saying it wasn’t post partum . Well maybe you should google postpartum psychosis. I had it and it was horrible!!!!! I was so ashamed and scared I his it from my husband. I only told one person. I couldn’t believe the sick crazy thoughts that were coming in my head telling me im gonna hurt my son. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and I was gonna kill myself soon I drove myself to the hospital and they helped me. They put me on antidepressants and I got better. My son is now seven and have never had a bad thought since. I use to judge too!!!! Till it happened to me!!! share it’s a very horrible.thing to go thru!!!

  • jessica

    Mental illness, being sick, whatever you want to call it, 3 innocent babies are gone, and yet the focus is around her, she killed those babies, abd yet the excuses keep flowing, as her “cousin” put it she wasn’t sick, it’s just an excuse, and with comments like so many I’ve read, she now has the perfect sense. It is a sad sick world we live in, but it makes me think, 30 years ago were there no sick people in the world, or did we as people give them their “outs” by creating this “they are sick” story, as a hypothetical get out of jail free card? My thoughts are with the family, and those beautiful little girls, as far as she goes, she will get her judgment…

  • Becky

    This is a sound bite…without information. Stop judging until all the information is in.

    This nation should be in excellent physical condition with all the “jumping to conclusions” we do!

  • dee

    Okay I can not believe people are standing up for this woman. I agree with everyone to a certain degree. It is very possible, actually very likely that this woman is mentally ill, but that is no EXCUSE for doing what she did at all. I am studying psychology and I know and understand how bad things can get with PPD, and how bad woman struggle and blame their kids for their situation. Plus everyone is making all these assumptions without knowing anything. It could have happended because of an mental illness and it could have been for selfish reasons as well. For those of you that think people don’t kill unless mentally ill, than your wrong. No matter why this happended this woman needs to be taken away from society and must pay for brutally killing her 3 innocent children. She needs to be in jail or a hospital. This is such a tragedy, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


    I want to think that she was suffering some mental disorder or depression, can and her family knew it …it’s sad that other people around her did not take the proper steps to protect the children….I hope she spends the rest of her life locked up , she is a danger to society.

  • Heather

    Whether you’re defending or insulting the mother, the bottom line is that three innocent lives were brutally taken from this
    world. And no matter what, nothing will ever bring them back. Like most of you on here, I didn’t know these children, but
    it’s just sad hearing how they lost their lives. They didn’t deserve that. No child ever deserves that. If the mother was
    suffering from a mental disorder, then I really hope she gets all the help she needs, but if a mental disorder wasn’t the
    cause of the killings, then I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.
    My thoughts and prayers go out the family of these three beautiful children.

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