High Point home helping recovering heroin addicts

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Heroin is becoming an alarming problem in High Point. Since the end of last year, High Point police have had 39 heroin overdoses. Last week there were seven overdoses in a 24 hour period.

There's a home in High Point that knows all too well about this heroin problem and they're trying to help.

"We all have hurts, we have difficulties and we manifest them in different ways," explains Alice Meindl, with Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services.

The nonprofit has a safe, sober home in High Point to help recovering drug addicts and lately they've seen a change. "Less alcohol, less crack, heroin is the number one thing we are seeing at this point," explains Meindl.

Zachary Hall has been at the safe home for about two weeks.

"A lot of people just don’t care and I was one of those people," explains Hall, a recovering heroin addict.

Brian Gines is also recovering from his heroin addiction. He is six months into the program. "All it takes is one time that one time could be your last time," explains Gines.

The Pierced Ministries home isn't a medical or detox facility. Instead they use counselors and nearby churches to help.

"The healing process has to start and that we believe starts with that relationship with God, so that’s why we are a heavy discipleship program, that’s the main thing we do above everything else," explains Meindl.

The men going through the program are given random drug tests. If they fail, they are kicked out. "It's not a paved road all the time -- sometimes it will get rocky," explains Gines.

The home operates completely on donations and volunteers. They are working on getting a second home nearby because of the great need.


  • ratfink

    so dealers, go here to sell. good job fox 8!! ah, capitalism and free-market ethics. i like the cut of your jibe sir. one man’s weakness is another’s fortune.

    • Thomas Noell

      How is this an example of “evil capitalism” when this is a non-profit (which is actually an example of socialism)? Besides, I believe it is socialist countries that actually encourage drug use and addiction by legalizing drugs and giving out “free” needles (not free for the taxpayers who fund others’ addictions, that is). But if our nation-in-transition would return to true capitalism and free market activities, then perhaps these drug users could find jobs and not resort to drug use to cope with the worst “economic recovery” in American history.

      • ratfink

        if we lived in a true capitalist state, we could sell anything to anyone. including drugs and flesh. but people that espouse this “all capitalism” don’t admit it. sir, have you ever heard of sarcasm. or are you you a person who believes that christwire.org is for real.

  • Espanol

    If you want a quick fix, head over to Sutton Way bar and hang out in the bathroom…all druggies there and the owner Josh is the biggest one!

  • truth-hurts

    How would you like to live next door to this house?
    I’m sorry to say this but the threat is of a backslider is there.
    I hope everyone there nothing but the best.
    GOD bless you for trying to over come your addiction it’s hard.

  • Denise

    Not to sound like a party pooper, but I know of this house, & the story is somewhat misleading. True, it’s stated as not being a detox facility, but it’s somewhat intimated. It’s also implied as being the only facility of its kind in High Point, yet there are other Christian ministries in the High Point area, one in particular, that have had a much greater impact in hands-on work with addictions and homelessness. The one ministry I speak of has had a tremendous impact, without ever having to ask for donations. So, it’s an issue that I and others in the area have been aware of for quite some time, and have worked to change, and just because the media & law enforcement are just now making it an issue doesn’t mean it hasn’t existed already. Don’t get me wrong, the intent of this ministry is good, but the story is somewhat misleading, and I also know this ministry is trying to raise about $40,000.00 by next month, so not sure if that’s part of intent for the story. Good journalistic integrity requires digging & presenting different angles to a story, and not just presenting the “fluff”.

  • dan O

    Denise, I too am familiar with this business. They are currently seeking tax deductible donations to renovate a property owned by a private corporation. This to me is highly questionable. Also, Fox 8 failed to report that they are not licensed by the state. They are operating a drug rehabilitation service (that requires participants to go off of prescribed psych meds) in a residential area.

    While it may be fluffy and warm from the outside looking in you might have a different perspective if it were across the street from your children. Which, the home mentioned in the story, is located across the street from a school.

    • Denise

      Dan, I’m glad someone sees it from my perspective. I wasn’t aware of the donation/property issue, although I’ve come across individuals who have entered & exited the program, and the success rate is extremely minimal if not non-existent compared to the amount of funding the program claims it needs. But all that aside, my primary point was that the focus should be on ministries that actually make an impact on addiction issues within the community, without having to ask for donations. The way I see it, God will provide if we are truly doing what He has asked us to do, without pleading for financial support or trying to find loopholes. So, Fox8, what’s it going to be? How about showing the other side of the story, or at least highlight ministries that are actually effective?

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