Greensboro colleges, police teaming up to prevent campus crime

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The recent death of North Carolina A&T student Jermane Clark inspired further discussion amongst city leaders for a way to prevent crime both on and off Greensboro college campuses.

Councilman Jamal Fox said that although there have been similar discussions before under the University Roundtable, there has never been input from students.

"We already had the University Roundtable but it kind of fizzled out. So we're going to pick that back up, we're going to add the layer with the college students, college commissions and have them advise and work with the University Roundtable so we can sustain that," Fox said.

Chief James Hinson said discussion began in the fall of 2013 with UNCG and NCA&T and their campus security.

Hinson said that they plan to open communication and dialogue between the agencies as well as start student forums on campus, collaborating lineups, even producing videos reminding students to be aware of their surroundings.

"I don't think violence is at a problem to where parents should be fearful to send their kids to A&T or parents should be fearful to send their kids to any university here in Greensboro; I think what we need to continue to concentrate on is the awareness level," Hinson said.

The first discussion amongst all Greensboro colleges (including Elon Law) is scheduled for June 3.

Fox said that they plan to hold town halls this summer as well as start to bring in student representatives this fall.


  • hans

    I thought for a second we lived in America but that’s right we have police patrolling our streets “preventing crime”. Which I don’t understand how they can prevent something like “crime” from happening. Seems to me if they wanted to do society a favor they would catch the people who have already committed crimes that can be proven rather than tie up millions of dollars each year litigating whether someone actually committed a crime. I’m only 21 right now but by the time I’m 50 if I make it that far if the U.S. still exist the police will be preventing fun from happening also.

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