Autopsy reveals 1-year-old died from ‘battered child syndrome’

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Malaya Huen

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Autopsy results reveal the injuries that killed a 1-year-old Kannapolis girl are consistent with battered child syndrome, according to a report.

WSOC reported that a medical examiner ruled that Malaya Huen died in January from a widespread infection caused by blunt force trauma to her stomach.

The autopsy report also showed that Malaya had a fractured collarbone and revealed that she had previous rib fractures.

The medical examiner did not find any evidence of sexual assault.

Charges may be pending.

Source: WSOC


  • Queen Bee

    I can’t for the life of me understand why someone could hurt and tiny beautiful child. This story is so heartbreaking. The very people who were supposed to keep her safe killed her.

  • Ashley

    Beautiful little angel you are with GOD now, you are safe away from those bad people! im am so sick of stupid people hurting sweet innocent children!!!!!!everytime i come on this website there is a story about someone abusing or killing these innocent little children!!!!!!!!its horrible and it has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is why i dont and wont put my daughter in a daycare, you cant trust anyone, i love my lil girl more than anything and would do anything in the world for her, i dare someone try to hurt her, it would be the last thing they ever did, sad thing about all this is sometimes these poor innocent children are harmed by the very ones that are suppose to protect them, just horrible!!

    • ilovemykids

      @ Ashley I agree with you 100%. Thankfully my mom is able to keep my little one while i work and I know she is safe. Babies are precious gifts and if you don’t want the responsibility of having one, give your child up for adoption or use protection! Stop having babies and then allowing others to harm them or the parents even harming them themselves for whatever reasons. May God have mercy on them for they shall rot in hell!

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