Buckley Report investigates safety of guardrails

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So much, in our busy lives, we take for granted.

But what if one of those things -- designed to save our lives in the direst of circumstances -- doesn't do what we sometimes take for granted that it will?

This edition of the Buckley Report looks into a local man's claim of just that. And he's not asking for anyone's sympathy; he's just trying to make sure that what almost killed him doesn't harm anyone else.


  • l337g33k

    Such a dumb article showcasing an ambulance chasing lawyer. “And he’s not asking for anyone’s sympathy…” just the court’s and tax payer’s; in the form of MONEY.

    Guard rails save lives, may have even saved his. I’m grateful for his past service to this country, and I’m sorry for his tragic accident… but it was his poor driving decisions which led to his wreck. If the guard rail wasn’t there, he may have just plainly died.

  • B

    If the guardrail had not been there then he probably would have traveled down an embankment and rolled over and struck some trees. The most dangerous objects are large trees next to the road. More people lose their lives because first, they are breaking a traffic law causing them to run off the road and then they collide head-on with a big oak tree.

  • bella 07

    I think it is such a tragic accident that this man suffered serious injuries in this situation.I do not see how it is the fault of the makers of the guardrail or how they can criticize the design of them.This guy was falling asleep at the wheel.If you do this,no one is to blame but yourself.Running off the road is dangerous period!

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