31-year-old woman arrested after posing as high school student

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Charity Anne Johnson -Credit: KLTV (Gregg County Jail and Facebook)

TEXAS — A 31-year-old woman is behind bars after police say she has been posing as a high school student for months.

Charity Anne Johnson, 31, was arrested Sunday after a family she was staying with became suspicious of her identity.

Johnson was enrolled as “Charity Stevens,” a sophomore at New Life Christian School in Longview.

A spokesperson for the school told KLTV that Johnson’s guardian brought her to enroll in school back in October, giving a date of birth that indicated she was 15.

On Tuesday, staff at the school discovered her identification was fake.

Her guardian, Tamica Lincoln, says Johnson told her she was 15 and needed a place to stay.

Lincoln says Johnson claimed she was abused by her biological father and that both her parents had passed.

Lincoln took on the role of her guardian, spending money on her and taking care anything she needed.

As soon as Lincoln suspected Charity was using a fake identity, she called the police and went straight to the school.

Johnson was arrested for failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information. She remains in the Gregg County Jail on $500 bond.

Source: KLTV/CNN


    • Claire

      Humorous!!…I have a best friend that is Asian and a sister in law that is Caucasian. I love them both very dearly. You calling me a racist is laughable…you being an IDIOT….hmmm…not so much -_-

  • Monica

    Can we all just agree that this was really messed up and think of what her state of mind is in for her to even go through with this

  • John B.

    If you are going to make comments about someone’s level of education, at least be sure to use proper grammar!

  • Megan

    She’s 31 and got people to believe she was half her age??!! She could write a book. I want to know her secrets!!

  • Melissa

    You can’t prove someone is racist/stupid/ignorant/etc. with the same type of comments. The fact that some take so much time out of their life to debate someone that is on a much lower level just brings them down to that level.
    That being said, as always, there is more than one side to the story. I think her side would be very interesting to hear. If what another person said about her already having a troubled life is true, maybe she was trying to “start over” from the time that her life had taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully she can get the help she needs so she won’t feel that she needs to do this to survive.

    • Melissa

      Lol…so I guess your talking about yourself “Melissa” is it? You couldn’t even write your own name..oh I guess you didn’t take time out to write this either.lol please

  • Shawn

    You people are ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. You do realize this right?? Sincerely, A high school drop out.

  • E

    Some culture really? Why cant it be some people Cindy? So I guess when the white kids shot up the school. We need to say some cultures. But we don’t. Just an example.

  • Lacy

    This has nothin to do with race… And if anyone claims tht, thn they r racist… She is obviously disturbed, a 30 yo posing as a 15 yo student? I mean, i wud love to go back 15 yrs, but im not actually goin to do it…

  • Terrie

    Oh please. With life in general *I* could say *I* had some mental issues every time I did something stupid. NO. Issues or not this girl/woman should go to jail!

  • Jess

    It is sad.. Our “culture” (not black white etc) does look for hand outs but perhaps this young woman is a little off in the head. Who knows. I appreciate and have empathy for those who asisted her. I have read other stories of impersonation and most were by disturbed young men and women who were bullied or not so popular amongst the majority and wanted to “relive and redo” their childhood. This turned into race but people- know culture is far from race. God Bless

  • Luvtheday

    Obama was only voted in for one reason …..he is black! The idiots who voted for him are getting back what they voted for…another idiot!

  • gearjammer

    U whites people justs being racist. ..sista was just trying to get a education. ….if she beens whites yall alreadys writes a books about it

  • EmiraAlex

    Wow! A lot of haters commenting on this article. How sad that a person can’t express an opinion without being torn apart by the internet community. Who died and made any one of you queen/king of the world??? I honestly doubt Cindy was talking about African-American culture in her first comment. I read it as people who share the common “culture” or habit of trying to get something for nothing and living off the goodwill of other people. People like that come in every race, color, religion, etc. Stupidity, selfishness, laziness and all the other negative character traits can be found among all ethnic groups, nationalities, etc. I would even argue that a lazy shiftless person in Egypt (where I currently live) has more in common with (shares the same culture as) a lazy shiftless person in America. So her use of the word culture was not intended to refer to African American culture or even American culture. More of a “micro-culture” of people that behave a certain way. That being said, I don’t entirely agree with Cindy because I don’t thing charity’s issue is that she is mooching off people as a way of life. Rather, she is trying to recapture her high school days for some reason- psychological issues. Very sad.

    • Luvtheday

      Well said! Cindy never mentioned that culture equals the black community! It seems that those who commented never looked up the word ‘culture’. Most of the writers on this site are out for argument and name calling!

  • EmiraAlex

    And frankly speaking too many people commenting on this article (especially those of you who are tearing Cindy apart) really are quite ignorant in addition to being just plain mean. Living overseas I get a very different perspective on America and what it means to be American. I love my country and truly believe the USA is the BEST! But to the rest of the world we are a bunch of ignorant fools who can’t find Kenya on a map and we hang out our dirty laundry for all to see – and laugh at us. For the love of God (and our country!) please try to keep your idiotic comments and hating to yourselves!

  • Purnell

    Why is it that when things as such happens, people try to make it about race rather than just seeing it for what it is. People are so freaking racist and stereotypical these days it makes no sense.

  • valery

    I just have one question. I have 3 children, all enrolled in school, and if im not mistaken, enrollment requires several documents and proof of the child’s age, previous school records, medical records, etc. How did this even happen without verification of any of these things?

  • Kree

    This argument is ridiculous. In my opinion she is mentally ill. I have teenagers and can say without a doubt I would not want to go back to high school and deal with high school drama. This is not a culture issue it’s a personal issue. I consider myself a cultural diverse person and never run into this person. The fact that this situation is not a cultural norm is what makes it so bizarre.

  • Sarah

    I think what she was trying to say is black people but, its every culture that has those “certain” type of people.

  • K

    Why does everything have to turn into a racial issue!!?? Unfortunately, there are ignorant people in ALL shapes and colors….. And of course the comment about a “certain culture” is IGNORANT!!

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