Police find gun in student’s bookbag at Smith Elem. in Burlington

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- School officials at Smith Elementary School in Burlington found a gun in a student's backpack on Wednesday afternoon, prompting the school to go on a temporary lockdown.

Around 10 a.m., a school resource officer and administrative staff were investigating a separate complaint when they received information that indicated a weapon had been brought onto campus by a student.

Administrators and the resource officer investigated the report and recovered a gun in the student's book bag.

According to police, preliminary information indicates the student found the weapon near Apple St. while waiting for the school bus. The student placed the weapon in his bookbag and brought it to school.

The weapon was recovered while the student was on campus.

No one was injured or threatened with the weapon.

The names of the students will not be released. ABSS will take administrative actions with the students involved.

No other information was provided.


  • NCMale

    Apple Street and Smith Elementary and a long way apart. Apple Street-Hood, Smith Elementary-nice area.

    • melissa

      If you think Apple street is hood, then the smith area is also they have the same projects or have u noticed

  • Ty Raid @WM2793

    Haven’t had time yet to do the stats ,but I imagine that Burlington is almost as bad as greener as far as crime is concerned.

    • Yes-Guns!

      How rediculous do you think people are to be brainwashed into a gun buy back program. Do you really think the “Bad Guys” are going to turn in their guns? More rules on guns means less of a chance of one of us good guys protecting you if something ever goes wrong!

      • Andrew

        Stupid hollywood hero nonsense. What are you going to do, shoot the 10 year old kid and call yourself a hero? Tell me more about this sheriff fantasy gun lovers have? I think we will call it the Zimmerman Syndrome. Overzealous “do-gooders” caught up in their own fantasies do more harm than good.

  • rubys

    I went to this school my whole elem. And the boy who did this is a boy that plays a lot he is a good kid and his sisters are very good friends of mine

  • Sheila

    The school got a report that a student had brought a weapon on to campus. They did their jobs and found a student with a gun in his book bag. I really do not care how good a child he is or how smart he is or who is family is for that matter. He needs to be expelled for the remainder of the year. The local police need to find out where the gun came from, who it is registered to, and then they need to answer some might tough questions on how this student came into possession of the gun.

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