Va. girl kicked out of prom for wearing short dress that ‘evoked impure thoughts’

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — A teenage girl says she was kicked out of a homeschool prom after several dads complained that her dress evoked “impure thoughts.”

The 17-year-old shared her experience on a blog, which has gone viral.



WTVR reported that Clare, a homeschooled teen from Chesterfield, says she arrived at the prom in a short, sparkly dress, a chaperon immediately pulled her to the side. But the dress was at fingertip length, the only dress requirement for the prom.

Later, Clare discovered that some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that her dancing was too provocative, and that she was going to “cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

After being scolded for both her dress and her “provocative” dancing, she was then told to leave.

“I’m not responsible for some perverted 45-year-old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem,” Clare says in her blog.

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  • hans

    Why were there a bunch of grown men at any type of prom? I mean they are almost grown let them have fun. It’ll be done in two hours lol

  • SeenThisBefore

    The ONLY impure thing about this story is the fact that a BROTHA was taking this pretty, lil blonde white girl to prom. The skirt was actually past fingers length as you could see in the video and on her blog. They even kicked him and his “crew” out for who knows what. Booty poppin’ lol doubt it! Do teens these days just 2 step and do the twist like the 60s or what? Now how many other kids got kicked out that night?

    This is coming from a black father which one of his kids is a blue eyed white girl (now 20). I see the “looks” all the time, everywhere we go. She notices to.. No, not everything is race related, but seriously… wake up! SHAME!!!

  • WK

    OK–let us set the rules for next years prom based on what these people were thinking NO lipstick (someone might think your mouth would cause unclean thoughts) NO eyeliner or mascara– your eyes might twinkle The dress must come up to the chin–be loose at the bust cannot show you waist and must come down over your shoes–Shoes can not be open toe or heel open (some male may have a toe fetish The dress can not be bright– shinny or any color some male may like. Oh I forgot be sure you are accompanied by your brother or minister. Sorry girls I doubt if anyone will attend but the google-eyed men with some wives that have told their men to have only clean thoughts–OH I forgot–maybe all males are not allowed to attend–They may have unclean thoughts they do not share with someone–Heaven forbid

  • Jennifer Joy

    I guess you better lock up the GREASE Movie then, it got shorts short skirts and proactive stuff…..and these chaprones to even thinking SOMETHING….Pedophiles everywhere, better watch your kids from these old men.

  • The Right Thing

    She is free to wear what she wants. She did not intend to give off an appropriate view when she chose the dress. It made her feel beautiful so she wore it. You people who think it is her fault are the kind of people who question why people are so narrow minded. You know she did not mean to give off that representation.

  • justin b

    As a 16 year old guy, i can tell you that there are no boys (at least in my school) who think “pure thoughts” when around girls. It’s a fact of life. Get over it. It’s not her fault, it’s ours…

  • sa_foster922

    I’m not sure how old some of you are that are calling it a “hooch” dress, but as a very conservative modest young woman in today’s society, I can guarantee it is most certanly NOT. I have seen more “hooch” type dresses at many a rural Kansas and Texas middle school dances, let along and high school prom.

  • Bil Petrie

    I don’t believe any of the reasons given are why she along with her boyfriend were kicked out of the prom. The skirt fell within the rules and she stated she hardly danced at all yet. Then, she later was told there were girls dancing much more provocatively than her after they were evicted from the prom. Could it possibly be that this Christian school’s parent chaperones were showing their true racist colors? It seems pretty obvious to me that this is why they were told to leave using the skirt and the dirty dancing as their phoney excuse’s for their actions. The mindset here seems to be – We can’t have this sort of mixed race lovey dovey stuff going on here at our prom, it might get contagious and all the other pretty white girls will be bringing their black boyfriends to prom too; We will have to get rid of these two fast. We’ll say her skirt is too short and she’s dancing to inappropriately for our Christian ways. That’l do it!

  • JC

    I have a teen daughter who I go dress shopping with for her prom dresses and I most certainly would have checked the length, as this one was at least the length of the rule, I would have let her go with it. I could not see the top, but I guarantee you try to find something that is longer or not in style and you will be looking for months. It is difficult to find dresses that are longer, less showy, less whatever at any store you go to.

  • Bobby Mixmaster

    This is a head scratcher for me. It could be racist, but I lean far more heavily towards the fact that — based on purely circumstantial evidence — that it had to do with the bible-thumping homeschool “christian” troglodytes running the dance. I suspect they are the same types of guys who demand that their wives submit and walk six paces behind them.

  • John Smith

    High Schools are all about connections. The girl was obviously not a teacher or administrators kin.

  • Dopple

    She’ll end up pregnant by several different guys before she is 21. People need to be more modest.

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