Victim’s uncle: Hannah was a ‘good kid who got involved with the wrong person’

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SHELBY, N.C. — Shelby police arrested a 19-year-old man Saturday night in connection with the death of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Hannah Bickley.

WSOC-TV reported that Aaron Byers has been charged with murder, possession of a firearm by felon and attempted armed robbery.

Police said they do not believe Byers intended to shoot his girlfriend after interviewing two witnesses who are believed to have been the victims in this attempted robbery.

Aaron Byers has been charged in death of Hannah Bickley.

Aaron Byers has been charged in death of Hannah Bickley.

Shelby police said they responded just after 2:30 a.m. Saturday to a possible armed robbery where someone had possibly been shot.

They were flagged down by Byers, who told them Bickley had been shot on Holder Drive.

Police found Bickley in the vehicle with a single gunshot wound, and she was pronounced dead on the scene.

Additional details in the case have not yet been released.

“They had each other’s name tattooed on them and they were always kissing and hugging on each other every time I saw them,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Bickley’s uncle, Brian Bickley, said she was a good kid who got involved with the wrong person.

“We did everything we could to try to get some separation between those two,” her uncle said.

Hannah’s family said they did not want her with Byers because of his violent criminal past.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office connected him as part of a group that committed 14 break-ins between October 2012 and March 2013. Officers also said at that time that all five suspects were affiliates with the Bloods Gang, targeting mostly electronics, jewelry and firearms.

Byers was charged with six counts of breaking and entering, seven counts of felony larceny and seven counts of possession of stolen property.

Byers was also due in court later this month for assault charges. He is also facing marijuana charges.

Hannah’s family confirmed she was a senior at Cherryville High School and slated to graduate in the next several weeks.

“She had dreams of becoming a nurse,” said Brian Bickley.  “She loved helping people.” She was also planning on starting a job at a Waffle House restaurant on Monday.

Hannah’s family hopes this tragedy is a lesson to other parents and teenagers.“I know where she is at. She is with the Lord and I know I’ll get to see her again,” Brian Bickley said.

The police are continuing their investigation into Hannah Bickley’s death.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Well, this POS will be out on the street in about 6 months because the North Carolina Judicial System is the Worst System in the entire Nation because Why was this Criminal out of prison in the 1st place so it seems like the Judge, his Lawyer & the State of North Carolina is just as guilty as he is, he is just the Front Man…..


    I don’t care if you are white black, green, purple, pink, or blue, if you let your daughters affiliate with these POS gangbanger wannabee’s thugs, there are only 2 out comes, prison or death.

    • NCMale

      Rebellion would be my guess. No other reason to consider. The young lady prob had a stable, loving upbringing, and just felt the thrill of dating this POS to be exciting.

      Gotta feel bad for the parents of the young lady

    • mojorisin73

      This is what girls nowadays go for, they would rather have a gang banger thug wannabe POS for a boyfriend instead of a real man that will work and treat them good. Sadly, the results are like this one.

    • Tracey

      excuse me but she was a criminal as well!!! And yes her family will say all kinds of nice things about her but she was a criminal just as guilty as he!! Check her records, oh that’s right she is a minor, then check the word on the streets, we was more than a girl friend who got caught up, she was trouble before him.

  • Jeanette

    The news teams need to get involved. And find. Out why these thugs are getting probation and let back out on the streets? How are we safe? I have seen this over and over not just with him but other crooks build more prisons with our tax money and quit waste spending these thugs know when they go to court they will get slapped with probation

    • NCMale

      Why are thugs like this on the streets? That’s a VERY easy answer. It’s because of LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE judges……it’s that simple.

      • Stephen

        Not only liberal judges. You have the president and US attorney General saying that blacks get punished more severely and at disproportionate rates than any other race, and that is racism. SO, judges, teachers, police, etc., have their hands tied.

  • Stephen Bukucs

    Mud shark/ burning coal. I love it. We dont use these in the northwest. I wish we would though.

  • bigboy

    It has nothing to due with race. In this case the guy happens to be black and girl white. White guys kills their girl friends all the time.

    • dewey

      ……white guys like to get married first…they don’t want to kill a girlfriend, they like killing wives

  • Thomas Christopher

    Well, they can make all the cute, fuzzy Cheerios commercials all they want, but as we have seen with OJ Simpson, Danielle Locklear, and now this sad ending, these relationships usually end up the same way-with the female brutally battered or even worse: dead.

  • keith

    I hate this for the family and will pray for them. This goes back to the old saying you ride with them, you die with them. Like her uncle said she was with the wrong people.

  • FaithC

    Wow the racism is out in full force today! Everyone have their sheets pressed and starched? Get your yeehaws down pat too!

  • Concerned

    Race is not the issue stupidity is you have to keep your children safe she was a minor no dating no moving out you stay at home where my eyes are on you. Parents need to be parents not friends start doing detective work you see them changing their attitude,way of dress,speech, etc you end it. I am black myself and my parents yes parents still together and married loved me but never took their eyes off me I didn’t like but I now I am grown no criminal record no kids out of wedlock been to college and enjoying my life. I hate this happened but mudsharks Iol I had to use this word new to me but I don’t like black thugs myself the do not represent black people in a positive light but this is all we see. I do not hang with thugs or ghetto people period no common sense they lack no education and I blame the parents. Go back to real parents no teenagers who are babies themselves but parents who go to teacher conferences who are concerned they are members of the PTA .

  • FaithC

    Why was she allowed out that late and why was she allowed to date this scum?
    Parents need to start to be parents and not friends and maybe this child would still be with us.
    Sorry and thoughts out to the family.

  • Stephen

    You want to hang out with ganstas, be a gangsta, love a gangsta, then this is what you get. No sympathy here. Choices and consequences!

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