Union Co. teacher accused of having sex with chemistry student

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Jessica Deck, 28

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A teacher in Union Co. is accused of having sex with a student, according to officials.

Jessica Deck, 28, is charged with first-degree sex offense. Officials said she had consensual sex with a 17-year-old male student.

Deck was questioned at the school Thursday and officials learned the student’s identity and that she taught him in chemistry class, according to WSOC.

Deck remained in jail as of Thursday night on a first-degree sex offense charge.

She has been suspended from her teaching job with pay.

Deck is due in court Friday.

Source: WSOC


  • truth-hurts

    With all the fringe benefits like this teachers have.
    The only reason they need a raise is for attorney fees.

    • GC

      What fringe benefits are you talking about? You do realize that it is only a miniscule percentage of teachers who do things like this, right? Most of us never have reason to pay an attorney, however we are underpaid for the amount of hours we put in, and for the education requirements that we have.

      • Stephen

        I don’t think miniscule is accurate. This is happening more and more. As for your pay, did it just now dawn on you that teachers do not make millions? YOU chose that occupation. Need cheese with that wine?

      • GC

        You’re correct that it is happening more and more, but the number of cases of this kind of thing happening as a percent of the number of teachers out there is still an extremely small number. A very small percentage of teachers ever do this kind of thing. Not that it should ever happen, but the actions of a few have given us all a bad name.
        As for the salary, I never implied that I am unhappy in my occupation, or with my paycheck. You are correct that I chose this occupation, and I do not regret it. On the other hand I AM underpaid for what I do- I average 50-70 hours a week AT SCHOOL working both with my classes and with students on extracurricular activities which are a requirement in my subject area. I get paid the same as any other classroom teacher in my county. I do not mind doing this, but of course I would like higher pay, as would anyone.
        And I would still like to know what “fringe benefits” you are talking about? What “fringe benefits” do I receive?

        I knew going into this what my salary would be, and how many hours I would be working, and I’m ok with it, but if I’m getting “fringe benefits” I would like to know about them, since I’ve never heard of this before.

      • peetie510

        GC, I’m not a teacher but I do know how hard you teachers work and are grossly underpaid for what you do. Are there some bad apples out there? Of course….just like in anything! Please don’t pay attention to the negative comments. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be proud. :)

  • Jethro Bodnick

    “She has been suspended from her teaching job with pay”…..but yet teachers complain they are paid little to nothing! Actually keep the good teachers and pay them and do away with trash like this that ties up decent pay every two weeks to criminals!

    • GC

      Most of us are never “suspended with pay” and most of us get paid monthly, not every two weeks.
      But I agree that we should get rid of the bad teachers and keep the good ones.

    • mary

      I rarely ever agree with you but I do on this one. You actually made a valid point that was not based on bigotry for once.

  • FaithC

    What could she see in a 17 year old boy? Sick and sorry and I agree with others, she gives teachers a bad name.

  • Stephen

    Another perve, who can’t get herself and adult. Get ready for a slap on the wrist, because you are female!

  • news2me

    Whatever happened to..”Innocent until Proven Guilty?

    We do not know the evidence in this case.

    If she did the crime than I would agree with your remarks but until we find the truth…back off people!

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