Students of all ages received degrees from Forsyth Tech

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Students of all ages graduated from Forsyth Tech Thursday evening at LJVM Coliseum.

The 1,003 graduates included everyone from high school seniors enrolled in the Early College program to retirees looking to keep busy.

"You know if you quit working, you sit down and die. So I'm going to work," said Debra Adkins, 61, who graduated with honors in accounting and is looking for work. "I just always wanted to be an account since I was young, but I got married, life got in the way."

While some students are looking for work, others already have a job lined up.

"I already have a job," said nursing graduate Courtney Dayberry, who finished school while working a full time job. "Thank God for an amazing fiancé who took care of a lot of the work load at home so I could do this."

J. Walter McDowell, the retired chief executive officer at Wachovia Corp., delivered the commencement address.

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    The nursing student in this article may already have a job lined up and she is very lucky. With the state of the medical field right now, I suspect several nurses got their degrees yesterday….and have no where to go today. OBAMACARE

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