NC pastor accused of sex offense with person in his care

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Rev. Billy Howard Guy

ASHE COUNTY, N.C. — A pastor in Ashe County was arrested Thursday after deputies say he sexually abused a mentally-challenged person who was in his care.

WSOC reported that the Rev. Billy Howard Guy, known as Bill Guy, was arrested after a lengthy investigation.

Guy is charged with one count felony sexual offense, one count felony second-degree sexual offense and three counts of sexual battery.

The investigation began in July 2013 and involved a mentally-challenged person who was placed in the care of Guy and his wife, Dianne.

In an earlier case, Dianne Guy, had been arrested on charges of multiple counts of embezzlement stemming from allegedly taking the victim’s Social Security funds, according to WSOC.

Both Guy and his wife are awaiting their first court dates.


  • Khai

    If you don’t want to do real work and you have a need for attention and praise, you should be a preacher or a policeman.


    This Man & Woman or Innocent I Have Known them many years & They Are God Fearing People, Those Of You Running them Down, Know Nothing About them or “GOD” This is a Simple case of Social Services & Others, Wanting to Drag Their Good Name Through the Mud. But I Assure you by the Word of God, They will Pay for What they are Doing to them one Way or Another, Because GOD’S Word Says, Vengeance is mine saith the LORD I Will Repay. So Before you let your Tongues Start Wagging, Keep this in Mind..!!

  • mary

    First & foremost, you people with the negative comments, it is very apparent that you are not a child of GOD and you have no clue of what it means to be a child of GOD!!! You have no idea of what you’re saying & how hurtful you are to an innocent man without cause & without knowing any of the actual facts! Of what you see & hear, let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth! If you want to know the truth, why don’t you ask the people involved and I’m not talking about officials either. You would not know the truth nor could you handle the truth if it slapped you in the face! Most of all, the local gov. of Ashe County.
    Matthew 7:1-2: 1) Judge not that ye be not judged.
    2) For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measurement
    ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    It is truly beyond my understanding how someone so innocent can be so spitefully used & abused by not only the officials, but by the people that do not even know him or bother to find out what the truth actually is. You just simply believe what has been reported and think that the truth lies therein! It does NOT!!!!!!! I will put my life on the line in saying what you have read and or heard is so far from the truth that it would boggle your feeble minds to know what I know. I have extreme trouble understanding how an accuser can say whatever they wish about an innocent person, have it publicized, and that accuser will actually lead other people to believe their BOLD FACED LIES!!! Just because it’s in print or in the news, does not nor will it ever mean that it is the truth!!!
    I want to know how many of you hypocritical people could go through what this poor, innocent man has in the last several years, and keep pressing on like he has and is?! I seriously doubt that any of you could! What would you do if you almost lost your young son to a gunshot wound to the head almost dying and being in the hospital for about 2 years? What would you do if you were in a horrific traffic accident not even being checked by the officials on hand to see if you were alive or dead, but assuming that you were dead and marking the accident as so?! And if it had not been for a “PREACHER” that came up on the accident and looked inside the vehicle seeing him lying in the floorboard all bent & broken up, saying a prayer for him, he most likely would be dead. What would you do if you had lost EVERYTHING you had in a fire?! And now THIS!!!??? So many hypocrites are so ready and willing to jump on the bandwagon to accuse. How DARE YOU?!!!!!!!
    I just wish that you all knew this man personally, you would then know that this the biggest falsified charge that has EVER been put forth, to anyone! I have never met a more HONEST & CARING person in my entire life!!! He always has, does and will go out of his way to be a help to anyone in need. This is just the type of person he is and always will be. To those of you who don’t know this man, I beg of you, go to him and find out the person he is, I promise you, you’ll stand amazed! Support him, don’t crucify Him for something he has not done!

  • Ashe County Native

    I think it’s very important to keep in mind that he is ACCUSED and has been arrested but has not be PROSECUTED in court. In the US one is innocent until proven guilty. I know him but I don’t know if he did it or not and neither do any of you. So let’s wait and see if evidence proves he did. Either way, his reputation is ruined which is really too bad.

    I’m not a Christian – I think ANYONE CAN DO bad things no matter if they are religious or not.

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