Netflix raises rate… for some of you

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NEW YORK — Netflix bumped up the price of streaming movies and TV shows for new members by $1, but vowed that existing members will not see a price increase for two years.

Netflix sent an email to subscribers Friday, telling them that only new members would be paying $8.99 a month. Existing subscribers will keep paying $7.99 a month.

The company said it was increasing prices “in order to continue adding more movies and TV shows.”

Netflix had warned last month that it was planning a price hike. At the time, the company said it would be between $1 to $2.

Subscribers have been flocking to Netflix in recent years. The company had 40 million members last year, compared with fewer than 10 million in 2008.

Netflix has also gotten into the original content game with its own shows, including “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”


  • The One

    I had netflix but dropped them. Was watching a movie but didn’t finish it and came back a few day later to finish and netflix wouldn’t let me unless I upgraded my account. They got to where anything worth watching was only on the premium account. Have Hulu now but going to drop them, nothing worth watching and they make you pay to watch commercials. Just like cable, now I know a lot of you don’t know or remember when cable tv first came out but it was to be no commercials but that lasted well it never happened. They all are rip off greedy b stards

  • JC

    I have had Netflix for a couple of years, paying $ 7.99 monthly. Yesterday I received an email from them stating that my rate would go up to $ 8.99 next month. So, I wonder why, since I am an existing customer, my rate is going up.

    • H

      I pay $7.99 and they notified me that my rate would not go up for at least two years. I’ll still pay it when it goes up; it’s so worth it. One Roku box and everything I ever need to watch for $7.99 a month (plus $80 a YEAR for Amazon Prime – another great subscription!), and NO money to TimeWarner Cable or any satellite company. Can’t beat it.

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