NC woman recovering after shark attack

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MOORESVILLE, N.C. – A North Carolina woman is recovering after being bitten by a shark while she was vacationing with her family.

WBTV reported that Mooresville resident Kimberly Popp was bitten Tuesday afternoon in knee-deep water at Coligny Beach near Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

Shark attck

Mooresville resident Kimberly Popp was bitten by a shark while vacationing with her family.

Popp said the shark was about five feet long and about as wide as her shoulders. She said she punched the shark in the nose until it let go.

The bite left a large gash on Popp’s leg, near her ankle and the sole of her foot. She was reportedly rushed to the hospital and treated with 14 stitches.

She is expected to be on crutches for several weeks.

After being bitten, she ran out of the water screaming, to let other swimmers know.

“I looked the shark right in the eye, his nose was up, his teeth were into my flesh, I immediately looked at my kids and screamed to everybody to get out of the water, there’s a shark on me,” she said, according to WMBF.

Sources: WBTV and WMBF


  • Cindy

    So happy she will be fine! I hope she is on antibiotics! She did the right thing and hit the shark on the nose! Brave lady!

  • Jessica Matt Poff

    Praise God it was just a few stitches and not her whole leg or foot. Glad she is going to be ok and she got away from the shark. Or sounds like the shark got away from her. LOL You go girl!

      • FaithC

        JethRO this is what you are calling yourself today. Yes and we all know it is you posting under my name. Then you post nasty comments. You are a sick sorry man. You need to get some help if this is what you do for fun.

  • Jennifer

    Very Smart.. VERY BRAVE Lady!!!!! Bless your heart, I hope and Pray you can heal from the wounds SOON!!! REALLY Good Doctors/Plastic Surgeons will likely be needed…Your FIRST reaction was to fend off the shark AND WARN ALL others in the water!!! I’m an NC native and adored summer vacations in the waves..(AS DID my 2 children, now grown), ONE WORD OF CAUTION… It IS EARLY MAY; Most Certainly Off-Major- Human-Swimming Season for sharks).. Call it Global Warming, Call it ANYTHING you Choose… As for Me and MINE; WE DONT JUMP WAVES Any Longer!!! WHY is this Phenomenon occurring??? We Need a Few Professional Marine Biologists to INFORM Us

  • Jennifer

    Are the Attacks in the past several years along NC, SC and Virginia coasts (Not to mention Florida), a result of “Lack of Food Sources for these Sharks???) This makes NO Sense Whatsoever… The ocean is Eternally FULL of Dead plankton, Algea, Fish, Crustascions, (the ocean is a wasteland).. The Ocean is Vast and Wide.. and TAKES CARE OF ITS OWN…. Enough is Enough… The BIOLOGISTS inOur State KNOW!!!!

    • news2me

      I wonder the same Jennifer….Knee deep water? I know you should never go in the water with any jewelry on especially in the morning or in the late afternoon. I wonder what time of day she went into the water.

  • Cindy Heidorn

    I was just on that beach last Saturday, May 3, 2014 and I myself saw a 5-6 ft Shark in shallow waters eating just about 25 feet down from where small children were splashing in the waters. My heart sank and I hoped no one would be bitten. So scarry. Glad you will be ok.

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