Mudslide victims attend prom thanks to volunteers

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DARRINGTON, Wash. -- After dozens of people died in the mudslide in Washington in March, communities have banded together to return to normal.

That includes prom.

For months, girls have been preparing for prom, but when the mudslide hit, everything was put on hold.

Many worried the prom would be canceled. The road to Arlington, where the prom is usually held, was blocked. Without donations, many of the kids now can't even afford to go to prom.

So Kids Kloset in Arlington and Ruby Room in Seattle decided to donate prom dresses, shoes and accessories to the girls. Men's Warehouse is donating tuxedos for the guys.

"It is a good feeling. It is. All of it is."

The town also found a new place to hold the prom, a community center in Darrington, this weekend.

Source: CNN

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  • Cindy

    God Bless this people for helping out those kids! They probably had the best time ever…..many memories!

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