Greensboro police work with church to clean up Heritage House

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police are teaming up with the New Jerusalem Cathedral to clean up one of the most troubled and crime-ridden areas in the city. They’re focusing on the Heritage House apartment complex in the south side of the city.

The program is called P.A.C.T., which stands for police and church together.

“This phase has to do with reconnecting with the community,” said Capt. Shon Barnes, of the Greensboro Police Department. “This particular location probably accounts for more crime in the Southern Patrol Division than any other division.” showed more than 70 crimes reported in a one mile radius of the apartments in the last month alone.

Organizers plan to rally volunteers to pick up trash outside the apartment complex located on West Meadowview Road Saturday morning.

“You act just like your environment. If your environment becomes clean, your attitude becomes clean. I think this is a way to connect with people. And they'll see themselves changing,” said Dr. Kevin Williams, pastor of the New Jerusalem Cathedral. “They can see that police department is not here to arrest people, they're here to serve people. They can also see that the church isn't there to preach, but here to actually minister and serve.”

Williams says the goal is to help residents clean up their lives and ultimately reduce crime in the area.

Anyone is invited to help with cleanup efforts. Volunteers will be at the Heritage House apartment complex Saturday, May 10 from 9 a.m. to noon.


  • Jim

    Yes – Clean up their mess, just so they have a clean area to trash again. This area has proven time and time again to be a lost cause. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig….

    • Iama Retiree

      It is not safe to drive down W. Meadowview in broad open day light ! It has turned into a really bad area ! Beware if you have to be in that area !

  • Tenacious EJ

    What a waste of time! If you want to reduce crime there, you need to take out the trash that live inside, not the trash they leave outside.

  • JB

    High Point has done a project like this one and it has been successful. If residents can see that others care and take ownership of their own environment, then this can reduce crimes in the area. Residents build trusting relationships with the police AND can become connected with a local Church which is the best benefit in their lives.

    • steve

      Yes, JB, The church, The police and the community working together can and will make a difference in this area. It will bring hope and encouragement to this area. I did not know this was going on but it is an awesome way to show that community that people still care and with God’s help things will change. Blessings to each an everyone of you. It matters what you do. Everything matters.

  • j

    Waste of time and money they are always wasting taxpayers money to clean up these ghettos its pointless all they will do is trash it again.

  • jo

    Great start. It. Is amazing the little things that will change neighborhoods. In other cities; there have been initiatives that hire social workers and work to improve and build communities. This clean up is not a band aid ot is the first of many effective small changes that work on the underlying causes of neglect. I will be happy to help with this project.

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