Extremely rare megamouth shark caught off coast of Japan (Video)

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SHIZUOKA, JAPAN — Fishermen off the coast of Japan recently hauled in a rare megamouth shark, making it only the 58th time the species has ever been seen by man.

According to the Japan Daily Press, megamouth sharks get their name because of the large head. They have been known to reach a maximum of 17 feet long.

They are ‘filter feeders’ and eat large quantities of plankton, krill, and jellyfish.

The Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka, Japan dissected the animal for further study, while more than 1,000 people watched.

The remains are now on display at a local museum.


  • Lisa cox

    They make me sick with anger!!! Killing it really helps their population growth doesn’t it!!

  • K. Garner

    I love how these short, limited information ‘reports’ get people so fired up. I read the snippet of a story and watched the video, didn’t read or hear anything about them killing it intentionally. Considering the rarity of the shark being seen by man…period. It’s possible the shark died in transport back from simple shock. Before someone jumps on the band wagon and starts screeching with “Why didn’t they just release it?” It’s a rare shark, curiosity killed the cat, and some twisted scientist in a lab coat tried to bring it back, next….. Anyway I digress, I just had to get that out there seeing as someone was about to break her neck falling off her soap box in her sickened rage.

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