Asheboro looking to change dog ordinance

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- The city council is considering changing an ordinance which limits the amount of dogs and cats a homeowner can own depending on the size of their property.

Currently, a homeowner whose lot is 30,000 square feet or less can only own two dogs or two cats.

"They're part of the family," said Ofelia Kindley, referring to her two cats.

She's an animal lover and was thinking about getting another furry friend.

"I might consider having a dog," Kindley said.

But being that she lives in Asheboro, and her property isn't bigger than 30,000 square feet, she can't.

"Allow us to have a third pet," said the homeowner.

She's part of about a dozen homeowners trying to get the city to change its rules on how many dogs or cats residents are allowed to own.

A rule the city says they put in place to prevent animal abuse or neglect. Within the past two years, the city has had seven nuisance cases involving animals.

"Council doesn't want puppy mills, animal hoarding," said City Manager John Ogburn.

Ogburn says council members are looking at plans to possibly change those rules.

"It's pretty restrictive,” he said. “A lot of towns our size have no restriction whatsoever."

More than 80 percent of Asheboro's residents live on lots that are 30,000 square feet or less.

Ogburn says the city council is looking at a plan which would change the current rule from two dogs to three on a lot 30,000 square feet or less.

There's no word yet on if changes to the rule would also apply to cats.

But after meeting with city council members at Thursday’s meeting, Ofelia says she's hopeful.

"We walked out with a good feeling," she said. "I don't want to part with my cats."


  • Jessica Matt Poff

    I don’t think that is very far. If you can afford to take care of your animals and yourself/family then you should have as many as you like. As long as you are getting them fixed and up to date on all their shots I don’t see how this city can control this.

  • Nathan

    Until you live beside a house on a small lot with 8 dogs smelling up the neighbor hood. Then you might reconsider your position.

  • samiam

    I live in Asheboro, and I pay taxes, I will own as many animals as I choose. This is America, and I am a free man.

  • truth-hurts

    You forgot to mention several dogs barking at all hours of the night.
    All you need is one barker and they all chime in.

  • Cloud Moon

    Say No To The Back Yard Breeders. Theses people breed animals for a profit. More animals = more money. Less animals = less money. Try to live in a small neighborhood with three dogs barking all day and night. Enough is enough. Stop the puppy mills and back yard breeders. Go to the shelter and adopt.

  • Nessa Stout

    Looks like you should have read the city ordnance before you moved to that city. You want more pet move to the country.

  • Amalie

    Is this Ofelia lady off her rocker? Clearly after watching the video to this story twice, those houses where she lives are way too close to have more animals than what the ordinance allows now. Also, does this Ofelia lady even understand that she isn’t violating the city ordinance with two cats and if she gets a dog she still isn’t violating the ordinance. This story has to be the biggest waste of time and having more animals in the city of Asheboro than what is allowed now would just be hoarding. Maybe, some should just be more appreciative to the pets they already have and respect that others actually live in the city to simply not deal with a lot of animals.

  • Jes

    That last comment, “I don’t want to lose my cats” makes no sense whatsoever. Nobody is even trying to take her 2 cats.

    The way people always want to be a victim in this society is amazing.

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