$90 million development plans for Lake Jeanette area

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A $90 million real estate project is planned for the Lake Jeanette area in Greensboro.

Townhomes, apartments and cottages are expected to be built in two different phases. Both phases are off of Roberson Comer Road and will have a total of more than 400 units.

"I see a fantastic looking community that will enhance the area and be a nice place for people to come and call home," explains Anthony Vincent, the project manager. Phase one is called Mary Oaks Manor and will house 28 units on a 5-acre lot.

Phase two will be much larger and caters to the older population. It will include assisted living townhomes and senior cottages. Vincent says this development is something Greensboro needs.

Some homeowners have said they are worried about their home values, increased traffic and congestion.

“I really wish it would just stay the same. There's not a lot of property there; really they are scrunching in a bunch of buildings in a minimal spot," said Laura Harrington, a neighbor.

The first phase has been approved. Construction is expected to start in the next 30 days.

The city still needs to approve phase two, which won't start until phase one is complete.